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So that report preparations for tax hasten

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 Reception desk period of final income tax return of income tax for 2017 and report of city, citizen of the prefecture tax,

It is  from Friday, February 16, 2018 to Thursday, March 15.

Person who needs report

 Person who there is address in the city as of January 1, 2018, and fulfills any of the following

  (1)Business income (business, agriculture), income from real estate, capital gain, occasional income (lump sum and nonlife insurance contract of life insurance contract

  Person that) included maturity refund

  (2)Person who was income except salary in salaried employees

  (3)Person who received salary from two places or more

  (4)Salary income is person beyond 20 million yen

  (5)Person (please report that there is not income) who there is not income, and does not become dependent

  (6)Person who receives deductions from income such as medical expenses

  (7)Person who receives special subtraction such as house borrowed money for the first time

  (8)Person who income tax was withheld, but did not receive year-end tax adjustment

 ※Report is unnecessary person, but the amount of a tax may lower by declaring.

 ※When the amount of income of public pension plan is 4 million yen or less, and the amount of other income is less than 200,000 yen, we do final income tax return of income tax

 It is not necessary.

 But report is necessary when we receive various subtraction of income remission of taxes and residence tax.


Point of preparations, report

☆☆ Attachment of statement of deduction for medical expenses was made mandatory!

 From final income tax return for 2017, attachment of "statement of deduction for medical expenses" is necessary in substitution for presentation of receipt of medical expenses


 As for the target receipt, receipt day is thing from January 1, 2017 to December 31. We arrange receipt and are with object

We add up ru amount of money and will confirm amount of money made up for by supply of the insurance and large amount of allowance for family medical expenses.

(as for the statement We download on National Tax Agency homepageWe open with the other window We can do it.)


 ※It is necessary to save receipt of medical expenses for five years.

 (when it was demanded from taxation office, you show or must submit.)

  ※We can omit entry of the details when we attach notice of medical expenses that received grant from medical insurer.

 (notice of medical expenses is "news of medical expenses" that health insurance union issues.)

 But entry of statement is necessary for case or the insurance that several letters of advice include when there is done part to supplement.

  ※About final income tax returns from 2017 share to 31 years share according to to this as for the thing by attachment of receipt or the presentation

 We can do it.


 For more details National Tax Agency homepageWe open with the other window Please confirm in this.


☆☆ The self-medication taxation system (exception of deduction for medical expenses) began

 "The self-medication taxation system" is founded as exception of deduction for medical expenses by final income tax return for 2017 and is better


  As for this, person performing constant approach as the prevention with maintenance increase of health and illness does self or self and living to one

Exception of deduction for medical expenses that specific general medical supplies hanging over relative of ru spouse Others can choose when they pay purchase cost (※)

We do in this.


 In choice system with normal deduction for medical expenses, we cannot receive both subtraction at the same time.


 Net totals (done part to supplement for the insurances is excluded.) of purchase cost such as specific general medical expenses that we actually paid deduction

It is amount of money (a maximum of 88,000 yen) that deducted 12,000 yen from this.


 ※Among general medicines which purchase cost is drugstore, drugstore, and can purchase such as specific general medical supplies by doctor

 Substitute gender with prescribed pharmaceutical products (ethical drug) was established as particularly high thing, and nitsu such as concrete items

 When we are, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare homepageWe open with the other window Please see "target item list" published in this. Some target medicine

 To article, identification mark indicating object is published in package and receipt.


<documents needing attachment or the presentation>

  (1)"Statement of the self-medication taxation system" (attachment)

    ※Statement National Tax Agency homepageWe open with the other window We can download in this.

  (2)Documents (attachment or the presentation) which make an announcement on having performed constant approach by the end of 2017

    ※Insurer, thing with mention of names such as medical institutions which performed business in full name, the conduct year is best.

    (example) identification of receipt, vaccination finished of flu shot or routine immunization, receipt of cancer screening of city

       Or as a result of regular health examination that got for result report card, job report cards


 In addition, like deduction for medical expenses, it is necessary to save receipt for five years.

 For more details National Tax Agency homepageWe open with the other window And Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare homepageWe open with the other window Please confirm in this.


Person who receives "special subtraction such as house borrowed money" for the first time……

 As we may take time to prepare for required document, let's prepare early.


Allowance for disabled persons is caught to person authorized like people with a physical disability

 We get certification for long-term care for person who does not have disability certificates 65 years or older and admit that it is similar to people with a physical disability

rareru case, the person or the supporter can get allowance for disabled persons. Apply to city, "shogaishahikaejotaishoshamitome

Please receive grant of price list.

   [inquiry] Welfare care section Tel 74-8067


To person receiving pension

Withholding slips such as public pension plan will keep carefully

 From the middle of January to the end, and such as "public pension plan for 2017 withholding slip" is sending sarema from Japan Pension Service sequentially

Do (mutual pension is excluded). As you are necessary for final income tax returns, please keep carefully.

 ※Because survivor's pension and disability pension are tax-free, withholding slip is not sent.

   [inquiry] Takaoka pension office Tel 21-4180 (automatic sound guidance)


Please be careful about mentions of my number!

 Mention of my number and the presentation of person confirmation documents (note 1) or attachment is necessary for decision report.

  ▶When it is declared in report venue, it is necessary to show person confirmation documents.

  ▶When we submit report by letter, attachment of copy of person confirmation documents is necessary.

  (note 1) "Person confirmation documents" are two points of number confirmation documents and identification documents. Specifically,

    Example 1 my number card (possible with one point)

    Notice of example 2 my number card card + driver's license (one point of indenture with photograph)

    Resident's card certified copy + health insurance card + pension insurance booklet (two points of indentures without photograph) which it was listed the example 3 my number in

   nadodesu. For more details We click "social security, tax number system"We open with the other window <my number> of National Tax Agency homepage

  You do, and please confirm.

  ▶Mention of my number is necessary for share of support relative. After confirmation, we will prepare.


News from Takaoka taxation office

We establish report consultation venue

 Receptionists of report consultation in Takaoka taxation office are as follows.

  ▶Period    From Friday, February 16 to Thursday, March 15 ※Saturday and Sunday are excluded

  ▶Reception hours from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

  ※By the congestion situation of venue, we may finish deattamo acceptance before 4:00 p.m.

  ※As parking number of taxation office is limited, please use public transport if possible.


"Telephone consultation center", please use "tax answer"

 During period of from Thursday, January 18 to Thursday, March 15, we relate to final income tax return in "final income tax return telephone consultation center"

We answer rugo question and consultation.

   Takaoka taxation office Tel 21-2501 (we choose "0" by automatic sound guidance)


 In addition, person hoping for general question and consultation about national tax is "telephone consultation center" (National Tax Agency tax practice counselor's office) heotsu


   Takaoka taxation office Tel 21-2501 (we choose "1" by automatic sound guidance)


 ※From each weekdays 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. In addition, "telephone consultation center" is available on day out of the period.


 Of National Tax Agency homepage "Tax answer"We open with the other window Then we send imminent information about tax.

It is accessible from cell-phone.

   ( open with the other window )



Making of decision report at National Tax Agency homepage "making corner as for the decision reports!"

 Of National Tax Agency homepage "Making corner as for the decision reports"We open with the other window ( http://www.nta.go.jpWe open with the other window Do you know)?

 The amount of a tax is automatically calculated if we input amounts of money according to guidance of screen, and income tax or blue return financial statements are made

We can do it.

 (data) prints with PRN of home and can submit reports which we made to taxation office by mail


 In addition, we just make the transmission (report) in taxation office using e-Tax (E tax: e-Tax, tax payment system)



 When "decision reports use making corner", it is convenient at the next point!

   (1)It is available anytime for 24 hours

   (2)It is not necessary to go to taxation office

   (3)As we are automatically calculated, there is not calculation mistake

   (4)As we can save data making including report, we can restart work anytime

   (5)Data such as reports which we make and saved are available once when they make reports after the next year


 [inquiry] e-Tax, making corner Help Desk Tel 0570-01-5901 (nationwide city telephone rate)

                       Reception hours: From from Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

                       ※January 3 is excluded from holiday and December 29.




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