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Inquiries such as fires

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 Inquiries such as fires

About guidance of fire information and emergency designated hospital in Himi-shi, please ask firefighting order center in western prefecture.

* Firefighting order center in western prefecture

Telephone: 0766-22-9999

※As the 119th is urgent phone number, you do not ask, and give


 Confirmation of fire information

When fires occur in Himi-shi, We are displayed as urgent information in top page of Himi-shi formula homepage.

Fire information can receive even the following email services.


 Disaster information email service (fire information)

We perform "disaster information email service" that can receive fire information by email.

About registration method, please register in reference to the following attached file "disaster information email service registration method".

 Attached file

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[ Firefighting General Administration Division ]
〒935-0063 387-1, Kanou, Himi-shi, Toyama Tel: 0766(30)7114 Contact

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