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[report] Atsuko Edahiro lecture "thing that we can make into now for the earth"

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Atsuko Edahiro

Lecture by Atsuko Edahiro of Tokyo City University environment department's professor was held in environmental journalists in himi fishery interchange building fish seat on May 7.
Edahiro shared opinion of participant about "you saw generally and you thought that own living and area, Japan, world, earth in the future improved or did not change, or do you worsen?" first. Result "did not change "improving"," but, by for each five people, the remainder was answer "that all the members came to have weak".
Then, for question "does become sorry to assume what?", many opinions including "food problem" "global warming" "energy problem" "low birthrate and aging" "abnormal weather" "attenuation of neighborly relations" "gap-widening society" were provided.
It is expected that earth surface temperature by "global warming" largely rises throughout the world successively and introduces that average temperature has much awfully big effect that local rise five times, and 85% of sandy beaches disappear by rapid increase of flood amount of damage, increase of the rainfall, rise in sea surface, and person dying for heat is increased by 2-13-fold even on Japan in the 2090s. Furthermore, influence of carbon dioxide exhausted so far is that alarm bell continuing for many centuries is sounded even if we were able to zero quantity of carbon dioxide emission now.
Then what should we do in such current situation? To warming that "easing measure" not to use power saving and car to stop progress for warming is important, but will occur in the future by all means "comprised", and, as for Edahiro, osurukotono importance was strongly accused. As well as warming, we have various problems such as energy problem and financial crisis, population decline or low birthrate and aging in the modern society. In such current situation, it is "resilience" to hold the key. This means resilience and elasticity. It is thought that we utilize natural energies such as sunlight or wind power to raise local resilience, and to survive for shock and pressure from various outside such as warming without relying on energy that it is important to lower "dependence to the outside" of essential thing and, for example, does food in ji*jisan to fossil fuel too much to live. In other words, we are that we have "room" that can run living even if we do not rely outside as possible.
Edahiro was introduced importance of livable town and country, approach of natural food based on example that we inspected in Oregon, Portland of the United States and was called, it "is good for the earth that Himi became Japanese!" "Portland" last. Primary industry remains more than national average in Himi-shi, and approach to protect eco-friendly agriculture and forest is performed again by citizen's everybody or NPO. We increased such approaches and we tied and sent, and it was said that Himi could become in Japanese Portland and Asian aim in what we widened more.
Not only only hear story, but also, through overall lecture, think about thought, announce, and "we will feel in what from now on for the earth, and how should go by method sharing?" for question from Edahiro together together; was a chance big.

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