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Opinion and the correspondence that we had in homepage

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Number Target page Opinion that we had  Correspondence
1 << member of the House of Councilors ordinary election >> about recruitment of early vote observers When we open PDF file directly and are going to print, message is given and cannot print. We attach the excellent front and save PDF file and OK afterwards when we open file and print We display PDF file normally and, depending on version and setting of Internet Explorer, setting of Adobe Reader, may not print as you pointed out. After preservation, I would like print once.
2 For first-time visitors We want you to guarantee indication, movement in other browsers. Then I do not think homepage to take role of public information on even if we think from share of browser is a good idea. It was applicable point, but old information was placed. We made modifications to list browser of indication, performance guarantee finished on current homepage.
3 To you who think of emigration in Himi Link expires from emigration site of prefecture! We had you revise from origin of link.
4 Of household waste distribute; one and how to put out and garbage collection schedule Please tell the way of input that is restored when inquiry to environment, traffic crime prevention section clicks confirmation that cannot transmit Because it was defective in inquiry form, we made modifications.
5 Native district handbook About mail, it is unkind of there not to be mention of the postage We added mention about the postage.
6 General public bidding with condition Tender notice appeared, but remains April 1 on update day. We were improved so that update day was displayed definitely.
7 Meeting of central public hall friend We do not know publication information is old, and why preparations information is placed with past thing We deleted information of public hall Festival preparatory committee.
8 Forest of contact We are thankful when you can publish map in garden We published map in garden.
9 List of empty house information bank articles I cannot see 7-30, Kitaomachi article. We published.


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