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Himi-shi formula homepage renewed

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Homepage of Himi-shi was updated. Best which "citizen's is easy for" which examination Committee that we organized with citizen in homepage-related company raised in Japan pushed forward renewal work toward realization of homepage where which "citizen's voice is reflected" "evolved" until now. This exhibition is not goal and it is easy to get close for citizen's everybody from now on and repeats improvement to be easy to use again.

Realization of easy homepage

It is easy to look for and is plain

We performed review how information of administrative services should be placed. It is published the cause of standard that necessary information standardized.

In addition, site constitution of global navigation (event, civic life of the life) of top page is based on universal menu.


Smartphone correspondence

We cope with design in consideration of operation profile every device such as phone in smartphone and tablet, future.

We already utilize a certain information and send effectively


 As a result of investigation that we performed in renewal work, the actual situation that useful information to have as city was not sent to effectively understood. On the basis of these, we performed review about the way of information that city had. 

Public information himitono information cooperation

We strengthen public information himitono cooperation. It is in a condition that public information himino details information is placed in homepage. "Article number" is listed by public information himi April issue and can see more detailed information by searching this number on new homepage.

First application, procedure

We edited brochure for various application procedures that each section made again and made page for the first time so that application and person who filed were plain.

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