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Policy promotion charge

List of pages in charge of policy promotion (the new order of arrival)

oratcha public information began! [January 5, 2018]
... "Italian kitchen olive" Keizo Kaji, Akemi ... ([December 18, 2017] that we want to convey "joy to live" for through meal
Fish sandals ... "string of shoes" to make with local resources X connection Ai Tsuruga ... (oratcha public information vol.10) [December 18, 2017]
Director happy ... "sokukawahoikuen" of Himi to pray for through childcare Takako Ueno ... (oratcha public information vol.12) [December 18, 2017]
Recommending tree work ... "moku*kodate*" of carpenter Kentaro Shoriki ... (oratcha public information vol.13) [December 18, 2017]
Sow seeds of "taste with oldness"; and ... "persimmon large fisheries" persimmon Kiko Tanimasa ... (oratcha public information vol.11) [December 18, 2017]
We try to be and are recruiting encouragement of study program registrants! [December 12, 2017]
"Try to be; encouragement of study program" is Himi-shi, and children brought up enter a school of higher grade for further growth, and is approach to support to come back to Himi-shi, and to play an active part for the future of hometown.
"It is natural" for family to protect village forest; ... "Umetani town" Mitsuo Takano ... (oratcha public information vol.8) [December 6, 2017]
"Follow Yunosato, and serve" sightseeing in new Himi ... to open up by sensitivity and relationship; Noriko Ikemori ... (oratcha public information vol.4) [December 5, 2017]
susume ... "watch box of NPO corporation, himi forest" others Fumitaka Sato ... (oratcha hirome of the making of self-support zone to be possible simply because it is Himi...[December 5, 2017]
Yuko ... (oratcha public information vol.6) for form ... "fujimidaikodomo dining rooms" of big family called "child dining room" [December 5, 2017]
Password hello & thank-you ... "sense temple where it is usual" Seigo Uesugi ... (oratcha public information vol.7) [December 5, 2017]
Recruitment of Institute for Toyama Kure west sphere cowound business research workers [May 15, 2017]
Dishes dojo studio ... (oratcha public information vol.3) of ... Quito Quito rice Himi to introduce "live" into through "meal" [February 23, 2017]
[report] Straw and handwork of Himi give glory to the year-end and New Year holidays of Tokyo (oratcha public information vol.2); [February 9, 2017]
[oratcha construction for fish food] Offer of suggestion business to affect fish food culture spread program business trust closed. Application [January 30, 2017]
[report] On time ... "society of end" to appreciate relationship and blessing, and to share Thanksgiving Day ... (oratcha public information vol.1) [December 27, 2016]
[report] "We tried to be and concluded agreement about encouragement of study program" with all financial institutions (seven organizations) in the city [December 22, 2016]
About consumption investigation into family budget of Himi-shi [December 14, 2016]
oratcha public information writer introduction [December 7, 2016]
oratcha public information writer introduction
About conduct of open call for participants type proposal to affect oratcha construction public information strategy duties trust [October 12, 2016]
Notice of conduct of open call for participants type proposal to affect oratcha construction public information strategy duties trust
About Toyama Kure west sphere cooperation center urban area [October 6, 2016]
Recruitment of meeting committees [April 1, 2016]
We made point of Himi-shi population vision, oratcha construction tabloid! [March 4, 2016]
Wait for Himi-shi; about person, work district construction [October 28, 2015]
We waited for Himi-shi population vision and Himi-shi and devised person, work construction broad strategic view [October 27, 2015]
We conclude "memorandum to affect local construction and "Himi-shi society innovation laboratory" setting of Himi-shi" [May 19, 2015]
About plan about industrial promotion to promote promotion of peninsula [April 1, 2014]
As a result of the eighth Himi-shi master plan citizen attitude survey summary [November 28, 2012]
The eighth Himi-shi master plan [February 7, 2012]
Council for Himi-shi master plan [February 7, 2011]