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oratcha public information began!

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Place of encounter with "person" making the future of Himi together "project." "oratcha public information" aims




The making of story of cowound to begin because we know

In Himi, we give slight originality to the daily working and make work and living richer, and there are people who increase smiles while rolling up friends a lot.

However, we should have possibilities to sometimes hit wall while we continue such a challenge.

Or person not to be able to meet "anything" still although we want to find that it is fun what which wants to begin some new thing it is will be to be surely.

In the first place we may be when it is person to never know "some that is new" that we is up in Himi.


We aim at playing a role such as next so that it is independent, and each such people can describe picture of the future fun brightly of thought, oneself and community in each viewpoint to "this" own by this "oratcha public information" "from now on".


Role of "oratcha public information"

  1. We introduce new "person" and "project" to work on for trial while facing each other in Himi in the local future and have at first you know the activity. [the recognition]
  2. We have you feel significance, wakuwaku having you be interested in the activity. [sympathy]
  3. We show the way of support, participation in planning to the activity. [support]


Toward "the unspecified number of person (crowd = crowd)," there is what's called "crowd funding" (Crowd Funding) to raise cooperation of "financing" (funding),

"oratcha public information" wants to be place of "country finding" (Local Finding) raising "sympathy, support, participation in planning" toward "people whom / connection with a view of face is felt close" (Himi citizen who seems to put interest to all of you and Himi).

※To you whom one step wanted to already step forward to

Is it "oratcha construction" cha, intellect ttoruke?

Together with oneself together with the world together with all

While each citizen, each area, various groups face each other seriously in the future of Himi, we think together and act by oneself, and "oratcha construction" is "social movement of all" to do their dreams in form. "oratcha" (each = citizen) catches conventional activity by each viewpoint again, and Himi-shi asks about concrete method that we can contribute to in the future and is thinking that it is connected for district construction of this town thought, to act.

"oratcha public information" began based on this thought to support "social movement of all" sending out buds in Himi.

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・Vision about the future of Himi! Himi-shi population vision "

・Guidepost to advance towards vision Wait for Himi-shi; person, work construction broad strategic view

We send


Asami Yotaro (Tokyo native place), Hiroko (Toyama native place)

There are the true richness and pleasant future hint in district while we live restlessly in Tokyo! Two who strengthened conviction had encounter, chance and relationship and coming at the same time and put this in Himi. By citizen who is beginning to take place now in many places of Himi is voluntary; "have thing". We think that we can convey one one small sprouting of activity representing the bright future of such a town carefully.

※More specifically, to this!

List of articles

moku*kodate*, Kentaro Shoriki

oratcha public information vol.13

[story] It is work ... "moku*kodate*" of carpenter Kentaro Shoriki ... to recommend tree

Mr. sokukawahoikuenencho, Ueno

oratcha public information vol.12

[story] Director happy ... "sokukawahoikuen" of Himi to pray for through childcare Takako Ueno ...

Persimmon large fisheries, persimmon Kiko Tanimasa

oratcha public information vol.11

[story] Sow seeds called taste "with" oldness; and ... "persimmon large fisheries" persimmon Kiko Tanimasa ...

String of shoes is Ai Tsuruga

oratcha public information vol.10

[story] Fish sandals ... "string of shoes" to make with local resources X connection is Ai Tsuruga ...

Italian kitchen

oratcha public information vol.9

[story] ... "Italian kitchen olive" Keizo Kaji, Akemi ... which want to convey "joy" to live for through meal

Mitsuo Takano

oratcha public information vol.8

[story] It is "commonplace" ... "Umetani town" Mitsuo Takano ... to protect both family and village forest

Seigo Uesugi

oratcha public information vol.7

[story] Password is hello & thank-you ... "sense temple where it is the way goes" Seigo Uesugi ...

Yuko for "child dining rooms"

oratcha public information vol.6

[story] Yuko ... for form ... "fujimidaikodomo dining rooms" of big family called "child dining room"

Fumitaka Sato

oratcha public information vol.5

[story] susume ... "watch box of NPO corporation, himi forest" others Fumitaka Sato ... of the making of self-support zone to be possible simply because it is Himi

"Go to Yunosato forest" Noriko Ikemori

oratcha public information vol.4

[story] "Follow Yunosato, and serve" sightseeing in new Himi ... to open up by sensitivity and relationship; Noriko Ikemori

Cooking class

oratcha public information vol.3

[report] Dishes dojo studio ... of ... Quito Quito rice Himi to introduce "we live" into through "meal"

The second article

oratcha public information vol.2

[report] Straw and handwork of Himi give glory to the year-end and New Year holidays of Tokyo

Time to appreciate oratcha public information vol.1 relationship and blessing, and to share. ... "meeting of end" Thanksgiving Day participation report

oratcha public information vol.1

[report] Time ... "meeting of end" Thanksgiving Day ... to appreciate relationship and blessing, and to share

To you whom one step of action wanted to step forward to

  oratcha construction support project subsidy

  oratcha construction (fish food culture leading project) for fish food

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