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Yuko ... (oratcha public information vol.6) for form ... "fujimidaikodomo dining rooms" of big family called "child dining room"

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Yuko for "child dining rooms"

In late years children are alone, and eating "eating alone" is brought into question nationwide. It is not unrelated at all in Himi that warm scenery around dining table is lost in families either. Meanwhile, under the theme of the making of place to stay of child, there is person whom we continue challenging to regenerate place of lively meal with the whole area. It is mukiyuko "fujimidaikodomo dining room". You should make once again together if you seem to disappear. It is frank without falling into model. Powerful step of muki shows "form of new family" to us.

fujimidaikodomo dining room

  We keep child alive, and be kept alive by child.

Wisteria reading-desk district of Yanagita lined with new houses. We hear cheerful voice of children from wisteria reading-desk public hall in such a quiet residential area. On day when "fujimidaikodomo dining room" is opened, it is particularly lively. In "child dining room of February," we made Ehomaki which handmade Kanpyo of grandmother was contained in together.

Ehomaki to cook together

Children who played around lively are attention properly at hand of local grandmother who shows copybook when the making of iza Ehomaki begins. Spread laver on the winding bamboo blind (do), and rice evenly…. Well, can you have in your hand in all?

Ingredients materials of colorful Ehomaki

Ingredients are varied, too and are bright to eyes. Grandmothers are one one ingredients materials which they prepared for eagerly very much in kitchen.

We will wind up Ehomaki by oneself!

And we display ingredients materials by small hand carefully. Well, at first we challenge by model-learning. We move own hand and make thing to eat by oneself. For children, it is very good experience.

It is big, and can you finish stuffing your mouth?

Ehomaki kiogaburi bigger than mouth. After all it seemed to be the considerable volume, and, to children, "it is big" ate all up with "we cannot eat" neatly with a laugh. Great!

We became able to open "child dining room" twice a month now, but there was various trouble before we reached there.

It is about 2012 that muki began support activity of child care in this wisteria reading-desk public hall. It is before the authorization of after-school care for children is still granted, and, as for the children, there are few numbers of teacher, and, as for the talk of the closure, as for having appeared, it is said. "But we do not open so that there is what if we run out here". muki continued being active in such thought.

Why would it be done the best to there? In such a question, muki replied "is it for children?" laughingly.

In fact, muki where ever had time called work than child care. However, we came to be able to give priority to "for these children" over "own convenience" with nature gradually while we began to work here and faced children whom he/she took to.

State of child dining room


The second house. We do not change with own house.

Both own child and child are an irreplaceable person. Can you not support children from aspect called food better? When we were able to ponder like that, we knew that there was approach called "child dining room" which provided meal to children free and seemed to think, "it is this!".

Important cooperators of child dining room

It was August, 2016 then only several weeks later that we got cooperation of local people including grandmothers that "we came and were gone to visit public hall by time and 100 years old exercises" from there and opened the Himi-shi's first "child dining room". We plan good "nagashi somen" in hot summer, and a lot of vegetables are each brought in handmade summer including cucumber and tomato, too and are when they seemed to totally surround dining table in "big families".

"The second house. Saying when do not change with own house, there is child saying like that; as for had eyes to be kind at all to muki to tell saying was.

"House of all" which is important for for local people including grandmothers and muki for father, mother of children here. It is place that child keeps adult alive in each, and brings up "relationship of new family" to toss.

We are with children. Pleasure. We look forward to very.

Shimizu misakosan of activity companion

[Shimizu misakosan of activity companion]

Shimizu who moved to Yanagita approximately five years ago. Was performed in wisteria reading-desk public hall; "come; when participated in time and 100 years old exercises", touch passion of muki which talked about thought to "child dining room", and, after it, continue supporting this activity. "Originally because we made farmer in nadaura, we borrow even here of field and are product ttoru slightly. Therefore we bring and have produced vegetables.

We handcrafted Kanpyo of Ehomaki provided in "child dining room" of February from bottle gourd (cucurbit) which Shimizu raised. "Product brought pickled plum. As for all the powder of shiso. When because we cannot finish eating even if we beat and look good, we will have you eat here.

Children take to such Shimizu well, too. Okay, like "grandchild" behaving like a baby to totally true "grandmother."

Ties that we surpassed between generations are done and are glad.

Ayumi Tajima, Yachiyo Takahira

[protector, Ayumi Tajima, Yachiyo Takahira of children who participated]

"We participate in child dining room approximately every time and usually use after-school care for children. Grandmothers provide stewed dishes or elaborate thing which we do not make. We want to feed child such dishes. When hand is not enough, we help with serving meals"

Because "we are usually just taught wisdom and how to cook life by grandmothers, there is day when generation when we are young treats grandmothers concerning thanks once a year. Such ties are done and are really glad"


For the future when it is easy to make child care.

User of child dining room, important children

"fujimidaikodomo dining room" which just raised the first cry. We want to make this "child dining room" widely available more in Himi-shi. There was worth of effort, and it was decided that prefecture set aside a part of the cost of equipment from April. "But muki tells, at first we send interest for realization of dream still more, and person helping wants you to increase if possible". People who think about person, menu which work including the making of decoration every season is good at including nutritional aspect. Do you not become "new family" supporting the future of children, too?


(photography during article: Morio Kihara)


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