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Sports promotion room

List of pages of sports promotion room (the new order of arrival)

Recruitment of Himi-shi sports promotion committees [December 21, 2017]
Recruitment of Himi-shi sports promotion committees
We start recruitment of femininity up lecture - HIMI X B S M (himi bizumu) members for ... girl!         [October 26, 2017]
We hold femininity up club "himi bizumu" for girl who featured the theme of beauty, exercise, meal from December to three months. Does any person who wants to begin not experience new how to spend by all means here?
Himi-shi sports promotion plan (first half year plan) [April 12, 2017]
About encouragement iron such as a lot of Himi-shi sports tournament player dispatch [March 1, 2017]
We do not join sports insurance [January 30, 2017] or
Himi citizen pool training center [April 1, 2016]
Himi-shi contact sports center [April 1, 2016]
Himi-shi B & G ocean center [April 1, 2016]