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Commercial and industrial promotion charge

List of pages in charge of commercial and industrial promotion (the new order of arrival)

Toyama Kure west sphere employment matching support project recruits participants of "attractive dispatch seminar of company" in 2017 [January 4, 2018]
2017 Toyama Kure west sphere employment matching support project "2019 new graduates, employment fair in Takaoka techno [December 25, 2017] for job hopper
minatogawanominoichi "aparutomarushie of river" vol.2 [December 21, 2017]
"minatogawanominoichi" vol.2 holds "aparutomarushie of river"!
Report [December 20, 2017] of factory location
aparutomarushie vol.4 [September 18, 2017] of the sea
Chuoucho mall in park? We perform in "aparutomarushie of the sea" October!
Himi-shi oldness and support donation (hometown tax) [September 1, 2017]
Himi-shi system financing table [May 1, 2017]
About authorization of safety net guarantee [April 1, 2017]
About prior confirmation application for application such as special measures on tax in peninsula promotion measures conduct area [April 1, 2017]
About authorization to depend on Toyama management stabilization fund economic fluctuations measures emergency loan [April 1, 2017]
About the foundation of support project subsidy founded in Himi-shi [December 16, 2016]
We support the founder! We founded Himi-shi founding support project subsidy system.
NEET stays indoors; support [April 1, 2016] of equal to family
About medium and small-sized business retirement bonus mutual aid contract latch subsidy [April 1, 2016]
About preventive measures against bankruptcy grant [April 1, 2016]
About preferential treatment to depend on the firm location promotion method [April 1, 2016]
About financing system for small and medium size business entrepreneur of city [April 1, 2016]
Venture space Himi (Himi-shi small-scale company housing complex) [April 1, 2016]
About the furtherance of credit guarantee charges [April 1, 2016]
About activity grant system of commerce and industry person [April 1, 2016]
Shimao sweetbrier-so [April 1, 2016]
Saijo district assembly room [April 1, 2016]