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Himi-shi oldness and support donation (hometown tax)

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 Thank you for coming over to Himi-shi hometown tax site.

 Hometown tax system is contribution system for local government which we want to support.

We do not mind in the local government which we want to support not only your hometown with "hometown".

Please send your thought to "oldness and Himi".

Himi-shi hometown tax


 We expanded lineup of article "of" thanks!

 I send article "of" thanks to person who had you contribute more than 10,000 yen according to amount of money.

 We start introduction with vaunted special products of Himi-shi together.

 We can have you choose plural articles by one contribution.

In addition, you can try again and again alone as the number of times of contribution does not include limit.

We enjoy seafood!
In auberge (restaurant with the accommodations) in luxury!
As for the local sake as for the special product


 Flows from application for contribution to subtraction

  ★"Flows from application to subtraction" are this ※We link to page of "oldness and choice"We open with the other window


  ★"Hometown tax became more imminent from 2015" is this ※We link to page of Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsWe open with the other window


 Indication of amount of money to become tax relief in hometown tax

   ★Oldness and choice "indication of subtraction" ※We link to page of "oldness and choice"

 ※ We can download deduction calculation sheet.

 About application and the delivery

 We would like application for 1 contribution from application form or telephone, Fax.

●Application from the Internet   Please click here.  

●Telephone (0766) 74-8105 (from weekdays 8:30 17:15) Fax(0766) 74-8104 

●Email transmission point


 One that pays by application and the credit settlement, and was filed for by 2 homepage tops is the procedure end. 

   Person wanting postal transfer sends payment notice and brochure of article "of" thanks. I would like the delivery in nearest Japan Post Bank.

   (in addition, please mail application to Himi-shi government office when money sent by registered mail payment is hoped for.) 

   (please wait until shipment of article of thanks for approximately one month.)

 I send 3 "contribution money and goods receipt".

   We are necessary at the time of final income tax return. Please keep carefully.

2016 contribution report

We use contribution for business for Himi to become attractive oldness.

[report] 2016 Himi-shi hometown tax [PDF file /1 .32 megabytes]
Support message [PDF file /342 .33 kilobytes]


About storing representation representation company and designated substitute payer

Hometown tax of "oldness and choice" [PDF file /67 .49 kilobytes]

Hometown tax of "satofuru" [PDF file /69 .47 kilobytes]


Inquiry about this page

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