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The expense furtherance of pregnant woman medical checkup associated with homecoming delivery

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When pregnant woman living in Himi-shi consults medical examination other than the trust engine including hospital in outside the prefecture and assistant delivery room for homecoming delivery, we repay a part of expense that suffered from the medical examination and get.

(but only for expense that it cost for public money burden and approved medical checkup item.)

It applies to person with resident registration in Himi-shi as of consultation daily allowance day of pregnant woman medical checkup and application day.


 Application method

When consultation out of prefecture is hoped for, please receive grant of application before consultation in health section.

In the case of medical examination, you submit application to medical institution and have you fill in part of large frame, and please pay medical examination charges once.

We have you submit the following documents and transfer to account of designation later.

※When it is transferred from Himi-shi to other municipalities, we cannot use application.

Presentation documents

・Himi-shi pregnant woman public medical checkup costs furtherance application

・Receipt statement (the original) which was issued by medical institution

・Pregnant woman public medical checkup consultation vote (thing of blank paper)

・It is limited to account of fund transfer payment application pregnant woman (only at the time of the first application)

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