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About empty house information bank

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 One, one that we want to borrow that wants to buy empty house in Himi-shi

  We can read registration article (empty house) on homepage. Detailed information of article when wish to make a preliminary inspection, user registration is necessary. You have you confirm the following, system summary, and, after filling out matter necessary for use of empty house information bank hope registration application, please send by mail, fax email.

Article search on homepage This We do in this.

 One, person whom we want to lend who wants to sell empty house in Himi-shi

   Is there empty house which we did not use for the city? We send information to entering, purchase applicant from the suburbs widely by having you enroll in empty house information bank!


 ※ About registration of article, we do not accept direct registration from space home owner from the viewpoint of security of business in principle (even if principle, personal empty house to own registration by real estate company.) .

   For more details, please contact the following reference (when you have already asked real estate company about sale and lease, please ask company concerned to publish in empty house information bank).


  In addition, you can use "empty house management service" by private company (pay) when management of empty house is troubling. For more details, please see the following related link.


  Duties that Himi-shi performs are only introductions with empty house owner and use of empty house applicant and do not perform intermediate act about negotiations, contract about rental contract and buying and selling at all. In addition, please go through housing land and building dealer (real estate company) on contract by all means as city does not participate at all when trouble between the people concerned occurs either.

  Expense and brokerage fee other expenses about registration are necessary for business of real estate as well as price, rent (including person of sale, landlord). For more details, please confirm in housing land and building dealer (real estate company).

 Destinations such as inquiry, various applications

  Department of Himi-shi plan policy area promotion section 

   〒 935-8686 1060, Kurakawa, Himi-shi, Toyama

   Telephone    0766-74-8075

   Fax 0766-74-8104



  List of empty house information bank articles

 We introduce article of empty house information bank.


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  Association of Toyama residential land building business business

  Empty house management service (amutekku)We open with the other window

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