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What kind of place is local child care center?

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 "Child shines waits and aims at Himi" (than Himi-shi child, child care support project plan)
      Child ~ of the next generation to bring up in the ~ child breeding, the parent breeding, area

Basic policy

   "We support the child breeding, the parent breeding, the area breeding"
     ・We do security, industrial health and provide place that we can spend with child in peace
     ・We offer child care information
     ・We help with the making of friend
     ・We meet needs of everybody by cooperation with related organizations
     ・We help so that local child care power increases by cooperation with regional society

 Concrete business outline

 ◇Please talk about what we are troubled with not being appreciated, any trifle 
  We take open time including visit to an office consultation, telephone consultation anytime

 ◇We provide time for pleasant child care 
  We carry out happy "curtain time" every day. (from 10:30 from 15:00)

 ◇Let's participate in "child care lecture" 
  For skill up, we prepared for refreshment a lot 
  We do skill up lecture for the child care support staff in the city 

 ◇Let's participate in "child care open space" 
  Nursery staff and health nurse do business trip lecture once a year in city nursery school

 ◇We support "child care circle" 
  14 places of district child care circles (child care support by district) 
  Nine places of voluntary child care circles (the protector main constituent) 
  We accept support of setup and administration, home delivery of cooked foods of childcare

 ◇Let's participate in "theme distinction" parent and child activity 
  Through activity, please with opportunity made with friend of parent and child 
  23 times a year of holding

 ◇We offer child care information 
  "kosodatedayori" four times a year periodical issuance (5, 8, 11.2 month)
  "News from himi child care network" four times a year periodical issuance (news and *kan for show) 
  Published by "chikodayori" every month
  Mail delivery service "himi child care happy email" every month, occasional delivery

 ◇We aim at child care support by the whole area 
  As the secretariat of himi child care network meeting, we coordinate child care support activity by district

Let's talk with member of user support specialty   

Offer and consultation of information that we put together help the individual situation that the child care average chooses necessary support among local child care support services now in Himi-shi and uses. We add to "child care support base business" in Himi-shi area child care center and carry out as "user support project".

 For more details

User support project brochure [PDF file /417 .29 kilobytes]

Please see this.


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 Attached file

Daddy private supplementary school flyer [PDF file /810 .56 kilobytes]
kosodatedayori August, 30 [PDF file /713 .18 kilobytes]
kosodatedayori May, 30 issue [PDF file /584 .54 kilobytes]
kosodatedayori February, 30 issue [PDF file /624 .64 kilobytes]
kosodatedayori November, 29 issue [PDF file /668 .94 kilobytes]
News from himi child care network May, 30 issue [PDF file /709 .69 kilobytes]





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