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Economic backing

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Economic backing about child care

Grant-in-aid subsidy to promote private kindergarten enrollment. [April 1, 2016]
Child care support ticket [April 1, 2016]
We plan reduction of mental economical physical burden on child care home by child care support service being available, and distributing "Toyama native child care support ticket" to families where child was born and plan more use promotion of various child care services.
The child medical expenses furtherance [April 1, 2016]
In Himi-shi, we support medical expenses (copayment of medical service under health insurance) when child received medical treatment with medical institutions for health improvement and welfare increase of child.
Children's allowance [April 1, 2016]
Bringing up child is provided with children's allowance to support the development and growth of child carrying society of the next generation in Great Society.

Obstacle, economic backing to child with intractable disease

Special Child Rearing Allowance [April 18, 2018]
Medical treatment to impaired person, welfare iron [April 1, 2018]