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Children's allowance

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Summary, contents

 Bringing up child is provided with children's allowance to support the development and growth of child carrying society of the next generation in Great Society.

 As a general rule, allowance to share is paid every year in each last month in June, October, February.

[scheduled supply date of next children's allowance]

We transfer medical treatments from for ‥ ‥ June to for September to account of designation on Wednesday, October 10, 2018.

※As there is not notice of transfer, please confirm in bankbooks.


Supply subject

 One that lives in Himi-shi, and brings up child on (until first March 31 after 15-year-old birthday) until junior high school graduation

 ※When parents bring up child together, one (one having high income constantly) having high degree to maintain living becomes recipient (claimer) of medical treatment.


  1. As a general rule, allowance is paid when child lives in Japan.
    ※When we live for studying abroad abroad and meet constant requirements, we are targeted for supply.
  2. When parents live apart during divorce discussion, one living together with child is provided with medical treatment.
  3. If the parents appoint person bringing up child living in Japan when parents live abroad, the is provided with medical treatment.
  4. When there is guardian of minor bringing up child, the one is paid allowance.
  5. When child is entrusted case or foster parent entering facility with, as a general rule, facility installer or foster parent are provided with medical treatment.


 Supply contents

  Sum (monthly basis per person) of medical treatment
When income is less than the ceiling (children's allowance) When income is more than the ceiling (exception payment)
Under 3 years old 15,000 yen



5,000 yen

It is before elementary school completion 3 years old or older
(first child, later-born)
10,000 yen
It is before elementary school completion 3 years old or older
(after the third child)
15,000 yen
Junior high student 10,000 yen

 ※We count dainaniko among children whom (until first March 31 after 18-year-old birthday) brings up until graduation from high school.

 Income restrictions

 When income of one bringing up child is more than the income restrictions ceiling, monthly basis 5,000 yen is paid as exception payment.

The number of support relatives The income restrictions ceiling (ten thousand Japanese yen) Indication (ten thousand Japanese yen) of the amount of salary income
0 people 622.0 833.3
One 660.0 875.6
Two people 698.0 917.8
Three people 736.0 960.0
Four people 774.0 1002.1
Five people 812.0 1042.1

 ※The income restrictions ceiling becomes sum that we added 380,000 yen (at the age of spouse that support relative is targeted for old man subtraction or old man support relative 440,000 yen) to per one support relative.

 ※Income targeted for judgment becomes amount of money that deducted flat subtraction (the amount of social security fees equivalency) 80,000 yen and the next applicable deduction.
 Latch subtraction equivalency sum as for allowance for disabled persons 270,000 yen, special allowance for disabled persons 400,000 yen, widow (husband) subtraction 270,000 yen, special deduction for widows 350,000 yen, tax exemption for working students 270,000 yen, the amount of deduction from petty losses equivalency, deduction for medical expenses equivalency sum, small-scale company mutual aid


 Application method

 (birth or transference) needs presentation (application) of "children's allowance, exception payment authorization bill" newly when receipt qualification occurs.

 You have next, and come to child care support section.

[required document]

  • Health insurance card (or pension participation certificate) of claimer
  • We can confirm transfer previous engagement seat in the name of claimer (bankbooks)
  • Seal
  • We can confirm personal number (my number) of claimer and spouse (personal number card, notice of personal number card)
  • We can confirm birth and parentage of applicant (personal number card, driver's license, passport)

  ※When we live apart from child of the suburbs by taking up job leaving his family behind, "thing which it is copying of resident's card of child or resident's card items mentioned certificate, and relation with family nurturer was listed" in is necessary.

Please be careful

  •  Allowance is paid from for next month of the moon which we applied for. But we are provided with application from for in application month on birth day when transference day (transfer day) is near the end of the month even if it is in the next month if it is less than 15 days from the next day on transfer day. For month that was delayed when application was late as is not treated, please be careful.
  •  Person that it is performed homecoming of giving birth (when we submit birth registration in homecoming), please be careful not to be behind with procedures such as children's allowances in Himi-shi.
  •  As allowance is paid as for the public employee from the office, please file in the office.


 When it is master whom procedure is necessary for

 Time when address changes in other municipalities (transferred)

[when transferred recipient]

 As payment of allowance from Himi-shi is finished, please submit "receipt reason extinction notice". In addition, application (authorized request) to be treated newly in municipality of transference is necessary.

[when transferred child]

 When child bringing up is transferred and is lived apart from recipient of medical treatment to live in Himi-shi, please submit "separation custody petition". "Thing which it is copy of resident's card of child or resident's card items mentioned certificate, and relation with family nurturer was listed" in is necessary as attached document.

 When when children targeted for supply increased, it decreased

[when children increased]

 When child targeted for supply increases to recipient of medical treatment by birth, please submit "sum revision authorization bill". Allowance from for next month is increase.

[when children decreased]

 Please submit "report of sum revision" to recipient of medical treatment by death or bringing up, and having disappeared when children targeted for supply decrease. Allowance from for next month becomes reduction.

 ※When child targeted for supply to recipient of medical treatment disappears, it is presentation of "report of receipt reason extinction".

 When one that brought up child by divorce or remarriage changed

[when we got a divorce]

 When it is lived apart from child during divorce and divorce discussion, and recipient of medical treatment does not bring up child, please submit "receipt reason extinction notice". In addition, person who would bring up child needs application (authorized request) to receive children's allowance newly.

[when we married again]

 As recipient of medical treatment is changed when one bringing up child by remarriage changes, and "report of receipt reason extinction", please submit "children's allowance, exception payment authorization bill" (new recipient) (old recipient).

 When recipient became public employee

 As allowance is paid as for the public employee from the office, please submit "receipt reason extinction notice". In addition, application (authorized request) to be treated newly in the office is necessary.

 When we change transfer previous engagement seat of children's allowance

 Account of transfer of medical treatment is limited to ordinary deposit (or we usually save) account in the name of recipient. When transfer is changed, please submit "change notice".

 ※Take bankbook of transfer or bank card.

 When full name, address of recipient and child changed

 When family name, address (city moving) of recipient of medical treatment and child change, please submit "change notice".

 When personal number (my number) changed

 When personal number (my number) of child living in recipient of medical treatment and spouse, suburbs changes, please submit "proposal books such as individual number changes".


 About certificate grant of the amount of medical treatment 

 Person needing certificate of the amount of medical treatment has next, and, for application of scholarship, please submit "request for proof".

  • Seal
  • Person confirmation documents (driver's license, health insurance card) of recipient

 ※About receipt period of medical treatment that proof needs, please confirm beforehand to presentation.

Request for proof (style) [PDF file /26 .92 kilobytes]


 About report of present situation

 As for the person whom we receive children's allowance, and there is, it is necessary to submit "report of present situation" to confirm the nurture situation of child every year in June.

 You show recipient in about June, but please submit as it is not treated when there is not presentation without forgetting.

 ≪About report of present situation of 2018≫

 We sent required document toward the recipient in the beginning of June. Please submit one where you have not been submitted to yet immediately.

 ※Report of present situation who lost paper, please report to child care support section.

 ※When two years pass as non-presentation by report of present situation, receipt qualification becomes extinct by statute of limitations.

[presentation documents]

  • You fill out in reference to mention example of "report of children's allowance, exception payment present situation" ‥ ‥ enclosure, and please seal
  • Please stick on the back of the report of copy ‥ ‥ present situation of health insurance card of recipient

 ※As presentation documents of Others may be necessary, please see the enclosed guidance document in detail.

Pension participation certificate (style) [Excel file /29 .50 kilobytes]

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