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Do you not employ "himi child care navigator?"

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 Exclusive site "himi child care navigator" about the pregnancy, delivery and child care support in Himi-shi is established. A lot of information necessary for contact information at the time of administrative services and first aid, child care including child care related facility. It is available from application of smartphone if we register.

 Please search "himi child care navigator" from PC. ( )


Registration method of application of smartphone

1.You search with "child care town" from App Store or Google Play and download, or please read the next quic response code.

App Store
Quic response cord AppStore

Google Play

Quic response cord Google


2.We register area (zip code) if we download


3.We register the date of birth of child or the expected date




 Child care support section 74-8117

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[ Child care support charge ]
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