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Guidance of "grandchild and outing support project"

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 When grandchild (great-grandchild) and grandfather and grandmother enter target facility together, admission charges become free.

 You plan interchange of grandchild and grandparents and deepen family tie and enjoy charm of Himi to visiting Himi in total from the suburbs, and please spend a fun time.



 Grandparents and grandchild (great-grandchild) who entered target facility together

 ※Having age and living together or not does not matter.

 (grandparents is limited to Himi-shi, Toyama-shi, Tonami-shi, Oyabe-shi, Nanto-shi, Imizu-shi, Takaoka-shi, Namerikawa-shi, Funahashi-mura, Kamiichi-machi, Tateyama-machi, Uozu-shi toward the house.)


Target facility


Himi-shi sea breeze gallery Fujio Fujiko Ⓐ art collection, Himi City museum



Family park, science museum, astronomical observatory, folk museum, Sato memory Museum, racial folk handicraft village (7 building), Inotani barrier building, Oyama Historical Museum, Yao straw museum, Yao fossil museum, the old forests house, floating country house house, hachibieisantenjikan, zip line adventure Tateyama, glass art museum



Tulip four seasons Aya building, Tonami-shi art museum, Sotojiro Matsumura memory Shogawa Museum, Shogawa water museum and ordinary sankyomura museum (articles daily used by people building), *hashidechokokyokamaikieisankaikan



Cross land tower, da Vinci techno museum



Matsumura memory Hall jotaneisankaikan, johana texture building, village of Mt. Goka Japanese paper, Mt. Goka race museum, hall of en*, volost side museum of side, Toga meditation town, Inami sculpture synthesis Hall, Inami art museum, inokuchi tsubakikan, gardening botanical garden, Fukumitsu art museum (only as for the permanent exhibition), Shiko Munakata Memorial "Aizome Land"



Shinminato museum, Oshima picture book building



Of Takaoka myriad green leaves history museum, Fujiko, F, Fujio oldness and gallery, myuze Fukuoka camera building, Takaoka-shi Fukuoka Historical Museum, Takaoka-shi godown style wait; museum, Takaoka-shi casting museum, the Takedas house, Fushiki, Takaoka-shi goods-carrying merchant ship museum, Fushiki, Takaoka-shi weather museum, Takaoka Kurumayama Hall 



Firefly squid museum, Namerikawa City museum



Uozu burying forest Museum



 In the case of admission, please fill out application attached to reception desk.

 (presentation such as certificates is not necessary.) 

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