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Temporary custody childcare

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When we cannot raise child by convenience (at the time of work, going to hospital or treatment, ceremonial occasion) of protector with a part of education, the child-care facility at home, we perform temporary custody to take targeting at children from the time to in front of attendance at school temporarily for four months after birth.


When it applies below to in children until before elementary school attendance at school

<non-fixed form childcare>

・Child who comes to have difficulty in childcare at home by attending school to vocational school for part time working of protector and the skill acquisition intermittently
・Child who comes to have difficulty in childcare in home as limit by working forms of protector continuously on an average of three a week day

<urgent childcare>

Child who comes to have difficulty in childcare at home on disease and delivery of protector, nursing or ceremonial occasion of family temporarily

<childcare by personal contract>

Child whom childcare is necessary for to dissolve psychological physical burden accompanied with child care on protector (we include cases to let child enter for experiencing)


Use charges

2,000 yen a day



Apply for facility directly.

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