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Divorce paper

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It is report to submit when we get a divorce.

Divorce includes divorce by agreement and trial divorce, and please warn as belonging necessary for report is different.

About trial divorce

We get permission of family court and divorce. Witness is not necessary. The next documents which are necessary for report by five are different.

  • Settlement
  • Mediation
  • Approval of request
  • Umpire
  • Judgment


Husband and wife

Person, report method, report date, report window which we can report

In the case of divorce by agreement, in the case of trial divorce, please submit to either municipality government office family register charge of permanent address, the location of the person concerned within ten days from day of trial decision or mediation establishment at any time. We accept in Community Services Division in Himi-shi.

In the case of divorce by agreement, signature and sealing for two adults are necessary for divorce paper as witness.

※We perform acceptance (the receipt) in accommodation people on duty out of holiday and time. But we decide the acceptance after examining later at open agency time.

Person whom we can tell

Divorce by agreement

Husband and wife

Trial divorce

Petitioner of mediation or person of submission of suit

※But we can report from the other party when it is past 10th after trial was settled and does not report.


Free of charge

Necessary thing

When we tell Himi-shi, the following is necessary.

In the case of divorce by agreement

  • One divorce paper
  • Thing (separate things) of seal husband, wife
  • Witness (signature sealing of two adults)
  • Person confirmation documents of report person (driver's license, passport)
  • When we report any place other than the permanent address, we prove all the family registers matter of the one (copy of a person's family register)

In the case of trial divorce, the next documents are necessary, too

Among next, please submit applicable documents.

  • Settlement divorce : Certified copy of settlement record
  • Divorce by arbitration : Certified copy of mediation record
  • Approval divorce of request : Certified copy of admission protocol
  • Judgment divorce : Certified copy and decision certificate of judgment paper
  • Divorce by judgment : Certified copy and decision certificate of umpire book

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