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It is money of child care support at home

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Summary, contents

 We provide household bringing up at home with money of support to support child care through contact at home in Himi-shi without leaving child at nursery schools.


Supply requirements

[target infant]

 Infant after later-born which is under 3 years old from 1 year old that has address in Himi-shi, and does not use nursery schools

[supply subject]

 Protector (person of child care) of target infant

 ※In the nursery schools, it is ‥ ‥ nursery school, Center for Early Childhood Education and Care, kindergarten, local model child-care facility

 ※Receipt household of welfare becomes out of supply object.

Allowance, supply method


 It is monthly basis 20,000 yen per one target infant

[supply method]

 We pay money of support to share in each last month in August, December, April, the following day.

 ※Person needing final income tax returns, please go without forgetting.

 ※When childcare charges or city tax include non-payment, we may allot a part of the money of support.

Application method

 When you correspond to supply requirements including time when child left time or nursery school which became 1 year old, please apply at window of child care support section.

 ※On application, please bring thing which can confirm copy of a person's family register, seal, transfer previous engagement seat of protector (person of child care). 

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