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It is support subsidy Himi-shi empty house excellence article

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 Summary, contents

 For the purpose of thing that and plan by promotion of distribution effectively utilizing of empty house including rearranging, removal of renovation and household effects of empty house, in which can perform "become excellent article", assist of the expense.

 Requirements that are targeted for grant

 Target empty house

(1)  Empty house which there is not resident or user, and does not circulate for for lease or sale use in the area of Motoichi

(2)  Empty house which does not catch grant of subsidy based on this summary for past

(3)  Empty house which in fact does not start construction to be targeted for grant of subsidy

Insured service recipient

(1)  Space home owner who is going to circulate utilization as lease

(2)  One (person who is going to perform sublease) that we borrow from space home owner and are going to lease to third party


※Please enroll in Himi-shi empty house information bank.

※As a general rule, for ten years, please continue the use along supporting purpose or utilization.

※Please cooperate with introducing example in public information of city such as publications to homepage of city.

※Please complete assistant industry in the year concerned.

Target construction

 (1)  Reform construction

 (2)  Rearranging, removal of household effects

    ※Furniture, household appliances, purchase cost of interior miscellaneous goods and outward appearance construction come to exclude assistance.

 Sums of subsidy

  We assume less than a half of target construction iso-cost and assume 1 million yen limit. (fractions omitted that are less than 1,000 yen)


 Attached file


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