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Himi-shi domiciliation promotion rental houses and apartments rent subsidy

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 Summary, contents

 Because self lives in people of transference from the suburbs by March 31, 2020 from April 1, 2016, we lease house and issue subsidy to thing paying rent depending on each division.  

 Requirements that are targeted for grant

 Subject requirements

  Member of all households belongs to household which is not behind with city tax in people of transference from the suburbs, and next corresponding to all in item can receive grant.
   (1) Person (entered to rental houses and apartments from principle, transference) who takes over private rental houses and apartments including empty house, and pays rent
   (2) Person who did not live in the city just before that for one year who moved into from the suburbs
   (3) One that lives in the city


 Sums of subsidy

 Sum of subsidy

  We do sum of subsidy with either low sum of the amount of payment of sum and rent per one month that we calculated by the following table.

  (we assume requirements (1), (2), net total of (3) amount of money of subsidy.)

Supporting basic sum
 We lease article of Himi-shi empty house information bank and pay rent 20,000 yen
Requirements (1)
 It is child care household 10,000 yen
Requirements (2) (when we correspond to any of the following)
 Age of applicant is not filled with 20 years old or more to 30 years old


10,000 yen


 We begin work in the Himi city from before transference
 It is medical care, care human resources in city office

  ※Child care household     Household where there is member of household where is lower than junior high student more than one

  ※We engage in medical care business (nurse, care job) in medical care, the care human resources city



 Grant application method

  Grant object period

  We reckon from the next month of the belonging moon on day when we moved into and do with two years. But, in the case of the first day in month when day when day when we started the rental contract concerned moved into belongs, we reckon from the month and do with two years.

  When we move to after having passed after the transference in June, rental contract after moving does not become a target supporting.

  Documents necessary for application

     Copying of lease to affect ・ rental houses and apartments concerned

       Documents (when there are not applicable documents, please use the attached file of this page, rent payment certificate.) which prove payment for each year about rent to affect ・ rental houses and apartments concerned in every grant object year of subsidy

           ・ family register tag (only as for the first-year applicant. When there is permanent address in Himi-shi for more than transference one year, we do not need presentation.)

           Written consent about the handling of ・ personal information

           Written oath about ・ Himi-shi domiciliation promotion rental houses and apartments rent subsidy application


 Attached file

Rent payment certificate [PDF file /66 .77 kilobytes]
Payment proposal book [PDF file /104 .50 kilobytes]

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