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Rental in ... 1 daily moving average recruiting users of ... landmark architecture (storehouse) is possible.

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Loan summary

We have you effectively utilize as place open to area and expect for creation of bustle around center city area and Minatogawa for the purpose of "storing storehouse while inflecting" in city and recruit which can use 6 divisions in storehouse. As you enabled, please use rental in 1 daily moving average.

It is landmark architecture (storehouse) where trace that slope carrying supplies towards Minatogawa built in 1921 was attached to at the time is indicated. It was used in those days as the U.S. storehouse.

The storehouse appearance



In six ken, one-story house of 18 ken of length of a crossbeam between beam, roof becomes brothel root form, and there is building before door of double the unit of the room width in the front. In the room, it is partitioned off room every three ken in six rooms in total, and each has iron single swing door with frame type.

(1) The location

 907, Asahihonmachi, Himi-shi (house indication: 12-22)

(2) Building

 Warehouse: 397.52 square meters of soil Japanese storehouse style tile-roofing one-story houses (six rooms, 59.6 square meters/)

 In front of door: Wooden tile-roofing one-story house    132.23 square meters (joint ownership department)

(3) Building annual: 1921

[in front of door]

Storehouse inside 1

[the room]

Storehouse inside 2

[front entrance]

Doorway 2

[restroom, hand-washing]

Restroom 1


Open call for participants contents

(1) Open call for participants division: 6 divisions (one room: 5.46m *10.92m 59.6 square meters approximately 18 tsubo) [remainder 4 division]

(2) Application period: At any time (when there is not space division, it is excluded.)

(3) Presentation documents: Application, use plan

(4) Loan period: We do with period when user hopes to from day of the conclusion of contract to March 31, 2027.

(5) Rent: Monthly basis 30,000 yen per one, day's sum 1,100 yen

(6) Purpose of use: Use shall not need use change including office and studio. As you may not be available, please refer depending on use beforehand.

 We do not come by loan about thing to raise next.

  Thing for the purpose of the a residence.

  Including i bad smell, the noise, vibration and soil pollution is expected that spoil environment remarkably.

  We use for cormorant political purpose or religious purpose.

  Oh, we admitted that the Others mayor was inappropriate.

Decision of loanee  

 When you confirm application and use plan and admitted that there is not trouble, please conclude lease with the mayor.


・Switchboard 20A (we can amplify) is deployed in each room.

・Electricity apply for electricity company in principle, users of each room. It is not necessary to propose in the case of the short-term use less than January.

・Please perform indoor maintenance of (lighting, outlet, air conditioning) such as interior in users.

・We assume joint ownership department before door, and man, woman restroom (there is hand-washing), lighting setup, washing with water ground one place are established.

・There is no water supply, drainage in each room.

・There is no available space as parking lot in site. (we show around neighborhood parking space. (pay))

※For details, please refer to the attachment open call for participants point.


Reception desk, inquiry window

Himi-shi area promotion section domiciliation promotion charge telephone 0766-74-8075 〒 935-8686 1060, Kurakawa, Himi-shi  

(※ Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays are excluded from 8:30 a.m. to 5:15 p.m..)


 Attached file

The loan point [PDF file /194 .64 kilobytes]
Use application [PDF file /81 .78 kilobytes]
Use plan [PDF file /62 .37 kilobytes]
Ground plan [PDF file /264 .54 kilobytes]

"Repair of facility" and "indoor painting, plasterer coat experience workshop" were performed


It is before repair

The appearance

After the repair

The appearance (after the repair)


[the appearance]

It is before repair

Appearance 4

After the repair

Appearance 5


[state of indoor plastering workshop]

Storehouse workshop 1
Storehouse workshop 2



12-22, Asahihonmachi, Himi-shi, Toyama

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