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To you who think of emigration in Himi

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 Himi-shi emigration information




 ◇In search of house; should look for house how. We help with search for article which matched you

 ・Empty house information "Himi-shi empty house information bank" of Himi-shi This

 ・About corporation house This


 ◇Will there be work even if we go to Himi in search of work? We find work that oneself had

 ・Job offer information in Himi-shi This

 ・Space store, factory information in the city This


 ◇How is environment of child care to know child care, education? How long is there school?

 ・ Information about child care This

 ・ About education, child-care facility in the city This

 ・ About elementary school, junior high school in the city This


 ◇How does immigrant of living, etc. in Himi feel? We dissolve uneasiness of life

 ・Medical institution information This

 ・Voice of senior immigrant (Community Revitalization Aid) This

 ・Shopping information including supermarket and convenience store

 There are drugstore or convenience store in area around city area and national highway other than super 6 store, household appliances general merchandising store 2 store three places of shopping centers, and, in the city, food and purchase facility of daily necessities are prepared.


 ◇Support, supporting system

 ・Supporting system about emigration domiciliation This

 ・About child care, education-related medical treatment and supporting system This

 ・About elderly person support, person with a disability support This


 ◇To you who are worried about winter, snow of winter Himi-shi Hokuriku

  Cloudy sky peculiar to the Sea of Japan side continues from December through early March in winter of Himi-shi, and there is snowfall. However, in late years there is no snowfall that is beyond Hokuriku and height that we say and imagine. There are many places where melting snow device is installed in road, and snowplow operates, too.

  In addition, children of Himi make snowman and enjoy snow well while helping with the snow removing. We can go to skiing area by car in around one hour, and winter sports are imminent, too. When we enjoy snow of Hokuriku, how about?

 Person worried about driving has supporting system about driving class. For more details This


 ◇Himi information (event information) of Others

 ・Homepage of Himi-shi IJU support center This

 ・Public information himi back number This

 ・facebook of Himi-shi This

 ・Homepage "hayokorarekara sokukawa mattorucha" about emigration of sokukawajiku ThisWe open with the other window

 ・Toyama U-turn guide (homepage about U I J turn employment to Toyama) ThisWe open with the other window


 ◇About consultation, experience about emigration, domiciliation

  ・"Himi-shi IJU support center" was established as general base that we supported to person that emigration to Himi-shi was examined. "Fixation support" that I think that "emigration support" that you can emigrate to immediately when you decided that you live lives and after all was allowed to live "the making of opportunity" that living of Himi can experience. It becomes window of various consultation about emigration, domiciliation mainly on these three support. You feel free to contact by all means, and come.

Emigration support center image



 For details To Himi-shi IJU support center homepage


[to person who meets directly, and wants to talk]

We exhibit for "four prefectures of vicinities of Hokuriku Shinkansen joint emigration fair" held in the third floor of Tokyo traffic hall green room on October 1.

As counselor of Himi-shi IJU support center participates, come by all means.

As for the details, please see this.↓↓


 We update participation information at any time.

 Ask Himi-shi booth by all means.



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