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Family of mother and child and motherless family independence support (benefit, loan)

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 Summary, contents

     Working support for economic independence of family of mother and child and motherless family includes following benefit, loan system.

 Supply subject

  • Mother of family of mother and child having address in Himi-shi or father of motherless family
  • One in income level that or is similar receiving supply of Child-rearing allowance
     (be person without Child-rearing allowance receipt qualification by receipt of public pension plan such as survivor's pensions
     Person with less than Child-rearing allowance income restrictions ceiling in total of the amount of pension and income receiving)


 1.Independence support education training benefit

     When we attend education training lecture for occupation ability development, we provide with a part of the tuition after the lecture completion.

 The amount of payment

  60% of expense required for attendance : Upper limit 200,000 yen

 (the outside where less than 12,000 yen are targeted for supply)

Sum that deducted sum to be provided with for general education training benefit of employment insurance system from sum of 60% of tuition about person who could receive payment of general education training benefit of employment insurance system.

 Supply requirements

 Recipient of designated lecture of education training payment of employment insurance system.

 It being necessary to receive education training for employment and career up.

 Do not receive this training benefit in the past.

 Target lecture

  The following lectures that it was held in Toyama and city appointed

  • Designated education training lecture of employment insurance system

  About education training payment system (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare homepage)
 Please inquire whether you look at this in HelloWork or Himi-shi child care support section

   ※ Before attendance application, consultation is necessary beforehand.

   ※ About lecture that we are going to attend, it is necessary to receive designation as target lecture before attendance start.


 2.High vocational training promotion benefit

     We pay benefit to economic independence to acquire effective qualification when we do studies more than one year in training organization.

 The amount of payment  (1) High vocational training promotion benefit     Tax-free household monthly basis 100,000 yen taxation household monthly basis 70,500 yen    
 (2) High vocational training completion support benefit tax exemption household 50,000 yen taxation household 25,000 yen
 Supply requirements  Studying in training organization more than one year, and the acquisition of target qualification being anticipated. (but the upper limit of benefit period: for three years)
 Target qualification

  Masters of nurse, associate nurse, care worker, nursery staff, physical therapist, occupational therapist, dental hygienist, dental technician, barber, beautician, cook, confectionery hygiene

 (national qualification is provided by studies more than one year
  Or thing that eligibility requirements for an examination of national qualification are provided)

     ※Prior consultation is necessary for application.

  ※Contents may be changed by system changes.


3.Loan of one pro-family high vocational training promotion fund

  We receive high vocational training promotion benefit and acquire qualification that is advantageous to employment and, for mother or father of one pro-home who is going to engage in duties that the qualification concerned needs, loan entrance to school liability reserve, employment liability reserve.


The amount of loan

   When entered training organization; entrance to school liability reserve 500,000 yen

   When completed training organization and acquired qualification; employment liability reserve 200,000 yen


Loan requirements

   Being recipient of high vocational training promotion benefit.


Return exemption

   When we complete training organization and find a job within one year from day when we acquired qualification, and qualification that we acquired in the Toyama prefecture engaged in necessary duties for five years, return of loan is exempted from.

  ※ Prior consultation is necessary for application.

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