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Unemployment insurance

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To one found a job

As a general rule, applicable worker becomes all person insured of unemployment insurance regardless of office scale next.

  • Agreed hours of one week being more than 20 hours
  • There is employment possibility more than 31 days
    ※Or it may be every sunlight daily employment labor person insured about less than 30 days performing temporary working by employment agreement that determined period.

When we take out unemployment insurance, as for "the unemployment insurance person insured qualification, confirmation letter of advice" "identification of unemployment insurance person insured" will be issued by business owner. When you are not issued though it is thought that you should join, please confirm to business owner.

To Those who have left the job

We provide with payment such as unemployment after having had you perform job search such as receiving vocational counseling, job placement at window to find a job in search of new work again early on 1st without worrying about life out of a job by unemployment insurance. Of these, it is necessary to have you do procedure in HelloWork on receiving basic medical treatment (so-called normal granting an unemployment allowance).

For more details, please ask Himi public job placement office (HelloWork).


Himi public job placement office (HelloWork)

Telephone: 0766 (74) 0445


9-17, Asahigaoka, Himi-shi

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