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We send identification of effective National Health Insurance person insured from October 1

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In Himi-shi, we update identification of person insured of National Health Insurance every year.

We send identification of effective new person insured (light Eve roux color) to person of family nurturer in simple registered mail by the end of September from October 1.

Case that health insurance card does not touch when have any questions, please refer.


We issue identification of National Health Insurance advanced age recipient to person taking out 74-year-old Himi-shi National Health Insurance from 70 years old in the end of July.

When you have a medical examination with medical institution, please show identification of person insured and identification of old recipient together by all means to window.

※As expiration date expires as for the identification of person insured using the present (orange) on September 30, please dispose by each person surely after October 1.

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