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We mail identification of effective National Health Insurance advanced age recipient from August

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We issue "identification of National Health Insurance advanced age recipient" indicating self-pay ratio at window to person taking out 74-year-old Himi-shi National Health Insurance from 70 years old. It is from (in month in the next month of the moon reaching 70-year-old birthday as for the application for one day (birthday as for the of the day)). We mail identification of effective new advanced age recipient in ordinary mail by the end of July from August. This "identification of old recipient" is intended to tell medical institutions about burden on person ratio not health insurance card.

 When you have a medical examination with medical institutions, you match with "identification of National Health Insurance person insured", and please show "identification of old recipient" at window. Window burden of elderly person is divided into three kinds. The details are streets of the following table.


※In household same as income earner at the same level as active play

It is more than 1,450,000 yen in residence tax taxable income

National Health Insurance from 70 years old to 74 years old

Person insured is person whom there is. 

Identification of old recipient

  ※This card is image. As for the thing to send this time, background of title is purple.



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