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Elderly person watches and is raising SOS network cooperator, cooperation group registration!

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With aging progress, elderly person of dementia tends to increase, too.

"Elderly person watches and registers with SOS network" to live a life in peace in area that lived so long even if we suffer from dementia and recruits and offices which can cooperate.

Elderly person watches; is ... with SOS network

 When elderly people of dementia were missing, we perform information distribution of characteristics of missing person through emails in cooperator and cooperation group and are system to discover early with the whole area.

 If we do not force activity including search on person who had you register and see such in everyday life, we have slight calling or related organizations contact.


Registration method

Of 1 cooperator ..., attached sheet attachment "1 have fill out registration form" (for cooperator), and please submit at the following (possible mail).

Of 2 cooperation group, attached sheet attachment "2 have fill out registration form" (for cooperation group), and please submit at the following (possible mail).

  Information receipt method prays for choice (possible plural number) from email or facsimile.

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... advanced registration ... which can feel relieved

For symptom of dementia, we stroll in neighborhood, and does one that loses way, and might not return to home not register beforehand if there?

It leads to early detection if we register characteristics and photograph of the face of the one beforehand.


Registration method

You have you fill out "advanced registration paper" of attached sheet attachment, and please submit at the following (possible mail).

It may be registered through Care manager.

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