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List of latest information

March 28, 2018
Human rights consultation (April)
March 28, 2018
The Himi-shi low bidding price investigation system point and the low bidding price investigation trial point to affect Himi-shi duties trust
March 27, 2018
About schedule of 2018 fire prevention, disaster prevention management class
March 27, 2018
About city area grand design
March 27, 2018
About Himi-shi land improvements public corporation bid result
March 19, 2018
Public information himi (2018)
March 15, 2018
Page of administrative reform promotion citizen social gathering
March 14, 2018
Try to be; toward the encouragement of study program registrant
March 12, 2018
JR Himi Line support Committee member's card, can badge brochure design contest
March 12, 2018
We are raising opinions for new administrative reform plan from 2018 (plan)
March 12, 2018
About examination result of open call for participants type proposal to affect Himi-shi emigration domiciliation promotion business trust in 2018
March 8, 2018
News (from March 10) of ninja Hattori mechanism clock startup
March 6, 2018
Regular news conference document <March, 2018>
March 6, 2018
[Himi municipal library] We introduce new book which became available in February, 2018
March 1, 2018
About change of route bus after April 1, 2018
February 28, 2018
Go to it! himi "group registration" to get married offer
February 27, 2018
About disposal method of fire extinguisher
February 20, 2018
The Himi-shi's first citizen's assembly was held
February 20, 2018
We raise public comment to affect Himi-shi gender equality plan - Fine partnership 2018 ... (draft)
February 19, 2018
Himi municipal administration (February, 2018) that we want to know more and want to convey