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About Himi-shi agriculture committee

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 Welcome to Himi-shi agriculture committee homepage

 Agriculture committee is administrative committee obliged to carry out setting by rule of 5 Clause 3 of Local Government Act Article 180 in the municipalities.

 We are comprised in 19 use of farmland optimization promotion committees which agriculture committee entrusted with by 15 agriculture committees whom the mayor appointed as representative of scholar of agriculture with the approval of assembly and recommendation from area.

 We attend at held general meeting every month, and agriculture committee carries out setting of usufruct, right movement such as buying and selling of farmland, conversion permission.

 We integrate, and, in the promotion committee, the spot is active mainly on farmland patrol for prevention of grasp, outbreak of not being used farmland, promotion of optimization of use of farmland including new entry the collection of use of farmland in cooperation with agriculture committee in each charge district.

 Agriculture committee, promotion life of the committee are three years.

Agriculture committee, promotion committee list [PDF file /254 .15 kilobytes]

 In addition, about the office work execution, "the agriculture committee secretariat" is set up and is performed the cause of conduct, supervision of agriculture committee's chairperson.

 Duties of agriculture committee

 Buying and selling of 1 farmland permission <Agricultural Land Law Article 3> of borrowing and loaning

 We need agriculture committee or permission of the prefectural governor (suburbs resident) by Agricultural Land Law Article 3 we buy and sell farmland in cultivation purpose or to borrow and loan.

 Management area after case that it is not admitted that person who is going to acquire right always engages in farming (under 150 days a year) and the right acquisition cannot allow cases less than 50a.  

 We regulate asset possession and the acquisition of farmland in "purpose not to cultivate" including speculation purpose, and this assumes that we entrust to person whom farmland is available to effectively aim.

 You depend on rule of law Article 3 Clause 2, but please contact the agriculture committee secretariat for Others, permission standard in detail.

 <permission incarnation> The right acquisition of farmland in area of the municipalities with agriculture committee address

 Permission <Agricultural Land Law Article 4, Article 5> of 2 farmland diversions

 Farmland diversion is to convert farmland into sites such as house and factory, road, the forest, material depot, parking lot.

 When owner oneself of farmland converts, permission of Agricultural Land Law Article 5 is necessary when people who do not have farmland permission of Agricultural Land Law Article 4 buy farmland for conversion purpose and borrow.

 If agriculture committee of city accepts permission application, and it is judged that permission is considerable after having discussed at general meeting, we do susumitatsu to prefecture, and the prefectural governor admits.  

 When we convert without permission, correction instruction including restitutio in integrum is carried out based on severe penal regulations.

 Loan (usufruct setting of the ground for agriculture) of farmland by 3 farming base reinforcement promotion law

 Feel relieved by setting of usufruct; and of farmland it is possible for borrowing and loaning. We can select as landlady among borrowers freely during loan period.

 Kind of usufruct includes "rental contract" and "loan of use", and rental does not produce loan of use.

 As usufruct does not have application of legal update such as rental contract, loan relations become extinct automatically if loan period expires and are returned to landlady surely.

 When it continues and loans, we can perform "we reset".

 We can cancel by person concerned mutual agreement on the way even if during setting period of usufruct.

 They report to usufruct setting, and book, usufruct (setting, move)-related documents are put in the Himi-shi agriculture committee secretariat, each JA Himi-shi branch.

 About 4 farmer's pensions

  Farmer's pension started with two purposes to promote the modernization and expansion of size of a business by stability of life of scholar of agriculture, the restoration of youth of agriculturist by strong request for "pension for scholar of agriculture at the same level as office worker" in January, 1971.

  Participation requirements  

  ・Is younger than 60 years old 20 years old or older; National Pension first person insured (except person of exemption)  

  ・More than agriculture engagement days 60 days

   Farmer's pension has two pension benefit of "farmer's pension" and "farmer's old-age pension". (the old system)

   We lend successor or third party farmland in the name of oneself, or person who lends, and runs, and transferred to hand over to is provided with farmer's pension.

   Person who runs, and did not transfer is provided with farmer's old-age pension.

   When farmer's pension does not lead to pension receipt when qualified management transfer is not carried out and we receive return of farmland after the management transfer and reopen farming, supply is stopped.

 About 5 precedent general meetings

  In agriculture committee, we hold regular general meeting once a month (at the beginning of the month).  

   ※Person needing permission application, please submit application to movement, buying and selling, conversion of farmland every month by 15th.

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