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Department of plan policy

Plan Secretarial Division

Himi comes; about time and healthy point [October 1, 2018]

Local promotion section

Himi-shi empty house excellence article support subsidy [July 1, 2017]
Himi-shi depopulated area transport at cost administration meeting [September 7, 2018]
Himi-shi area public transport meeting [August 31, 2018]
2016 citizen community improvement [July 12, 2016] of the leading role

Industrial Fisheries Promotion Department

Commercial and industrial sightseeing section

It does not become use yell authorization company [September 3, 2018] or
"Medical corporation corporation Asuka" who ran care health centers for the elderly was authorized by "use yell authorization company" which became first among Himi-shi. The Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare recognizes medium and small-sized business where we are active in adoption, upbringing of youth, and the situation of employment management of youth is excellent as use yell company
Space store, factory information bank [June 18, 2018]
Please consult with "way of working reform promotion support center Toyama" [June 4, 2018]
In way of working reform promotion support center Toyama, we support business owners working on "way of working reform" and we have various consultations and attach.
Himi-shi system financing table [April 1, 2018]
About the foundation of support project subsidy founded in Himi-shi [December 16, 2016]
We support the founder! We founded Himi-shi founding support project subsidy system.

The general affairs department

General Administration Division

About organization, mechanism reorganization from 2018 [March 30, 2018]
About organization, mechanism reorganization from 2018
About organization, mechanism reorganization from May, 2017 [April 26, 2017]
About organization, mechanism reorganization from May, 2017

Tax practice section

Summary [April 9, 2018] of property tax
News [October 13, 2017] of free tax consultation by licensed tax accountant

Citizen part

Child care support section

At home money of child care support [April 26, 2018]
We provide household bringing up at home with money of support to support child care through contact at home in Himi-shi without leaving child at nursery schools.
Payment [April 1, 2016] of premature infant nurture medical care
 When baby who needs birth hospitalization with physical growth being unripe receives hospital care in national appointed nurture medical institution, medical expenses to need for the treatment are systems born by public money.
Children's allowance [April 1, 2016]
Bringing up child is provided with children's allowance to support the development and growth of child carrying society of the next generation in Great Society.
The child medical expenses furtherance [April 1, 2016]
In Himi-shi, we support medical expenses (copayment of medical service under health insurance) when child received medical treatment with medical institutions for health improvement and welfare increase of child.
Child building [April 1, 2016]
There is two children building in the city so that local child younger than 18 years can bring up increase of health and rich sentiment through healthy play.
Toyama Childcare Support Team [April 1, 2016]
When family with child uses support shop mainly on period in "Toyama family contact week", it is system that special treatment services such as discount are received.
Child care support ticket [April 1, 2016]
We plan reduction of mental economical physical burden on child care home by child care support service being available, and distributing "Toyama native child care support ticket" to families where child was born and plan more use promotion of various child care services.
Medical expense subsidy for expectant or nursing mothers [April 1, 2016]
In Himi-shi, we support medical expenses to suffer from specific illness of approved expectant mothers by diagnosis of doctor for healthy maintenance and increase of the mother and the child.
We support maintenance of office regulations for child care household [April 26, 2018]

City planning section

About support of NPO bus [February 22, 2018]

The Board of Education secretariat

Education General Administration Division

About Himi-shi art culture promotion encouragement gold [April 5, 2018]