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About Toyama Kure west sphere cooperation center urban area [October 6, 2016]
We hold mayor room talk [April 9, 2017]

Town planning promotion department

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About examination result of the 15th himi Quito Quito comics way award [October 28, 2016]
In Motoichi that is hometown of Fujio Fujiko Ⓐ teacher, we carry out "himi Quito Quito comics way award" as part of town planning that we made use of comics in. We had 103 points of application at 15th and this time to be from home and abroad, and prize-winning work was decided by examination of Fujiko Ⓐ teacher.
Tourist brochure of Himi-shi wins award for excellence (the national second place)! [December 4, 2017]