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Specific medical checkups (blood test, physical measurement)

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  Specific medical checkup Medical checkup of elderly aged 75 or over Medical checkup 39 years or younger
Subject It is 74 years old (born for S54 three a year 31 days a month from S18 nine a year one day a month) from 40 years old by participation in Himi-shi National Health Insurance It is (born S18 eight a year 31 days a month before) 75 years old or older
Person who has obstacle above a certain level at 74 years old (is born for S28 eight a year 31 days a month from S18 nine a year one day a month) from 65 years old
One that is less than 39 years old without opportunity to receive medical examination in the workplace (is born after April 1 in S54 year)
Medical examination venue Lively cheerful hall and designated medical institution Lively cheerful hall
Place for application

・It is unnecessary about spirit building lively. 

・It varies according to each medical institution about designated medical institution. Please refer to medical institution directly.

Period From July September (carry out only medical examination with spirit building lively on October 12)
Only as for the person reported participation to in August until the end of October Only in the one born in S18 age August until the end of October  
Medical examination rate Free of charge 1,020 yen
Belonging Consultation ticket, health insurance card, interview vote Health insurance card, driver's license
    (thing which full name, address, the date of birth can confirm)
Inspection contents Physical measurement, blood pressure measurement, urinalysis, blood test (examination of lipid, blood sugar, liver function test, renal function), medical examination of doctor
    *Only specific medical checkup carries out detailed medical examination in one that doctor recognized as need
Sending of consultation ticket We send consultation ticket, interview vote by the end of June.   There is no sending of consultation ticket.
    Come to venue directly.
We send reported National Health Insurance participation from June through August for the end in the next month on report day. One born in August sends for the end in the next month on birthday from S18 six a year month.

We ask person who underwent medical examination in Himi-shi National Health Insurance identification medical examination subject (from 40 years old 74 years old) in the workplaces after 2018 for presentation of medical examination result.

Please inform Community Services Division (74-8061) of whether you have Community Services Division window bring medical examination result on the telephone.

☆We present QUO CARD (for 1,000 yen) to one that had you submit. ※But one where city taxes do not have nonpayment

Clinical survey furtherance system of National Health Insurance

Subject Member of Himi-shi National Health Insurance  
Contents One-day doc, overnight (accommodation) doc, brain doc, simple doc (as the details vary according to medical institutions, please refer.)
    ※Prostate cancer of man, option except breast cancer, uterine cancer examination of woman become out of furtherance object. 
Of Himi-shi
    The amount of furtherance
60% (but fraction less than 100 yen is cutting off upper limit 24,000 yen) of examination of clinical survey rate
    ※Before the equivalence year, only once is targeted for the furtherance.



Apply for designated medical institution by two weeks.
    After the application, you bring health insurance card and seal, and please submit use application at window of Himi-shi Community Services Division medical insurance. It is sent later by city ※You bring use of clinical survey certificate of approval and health insurance card you have, and please have an examination with designated medical institution.
    ※It may not be approved by the payment situation of insurance tax.
Designated medical institution Kanazawa Medical University Himi Municipal Hospital, Nakamura Memorial Hospital, Takaoka Municipal Hospital, public welfare consecutive Takaoka Hospital, Saiseikai Takaoka Hospital, Takaoka lie down, and come; hospital (old social insurance Takaoka Hospital)

Specific medical examination (inhabitants medical examination) from target 40 years old to 74 years old is which of clinical survey or identification medical examination, or it is one furtherance.


12-21, Chuomachi, Himi-shi

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