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Inhabitants medical examination venue (designated medical institutions)

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Designated medical institutions [PDF file /182 .46 kilobytes]

Designated medical institution

 It is Saturday, September 29 from Monday, July 2, 2018 during medical examination period

          ※About uterine cancer, breast cancer examination, it is Friday, December 28 from Monday, July 2

             About stomach endoscopy, it is Saturday, March 30 from Monday, July 2                                     

Medical institution name Address Phone number Medical checkup of authorized medical checkup elderly aged 75 or over  Hepatitis virus examination  Lung cancer examination  Examination for stomach X-rays (barium)  Stomach endoscopy (gastrocamera) Colon cancer examination Uterine cancer examination Breast cancer examination Prostate cancer examination
Texture slope physician's office 1, Iseoomachi 72-6206
Dr. Kato's office Kitaomachi 72-0608
Kanazawa Medical University Himi Municipal Hospital Kurakawa 74-1900
Kawai physician's office Chuoucho 74-5178
Saeki Lady's clinic kubo 91-8855
*buiin Saiwaicho 72-0118
Shimao physician's office Ao 72-0622
Shiraishi orthopedics Clinic Yanagita 91-5355
Takagi physician's office Ono 72-8686
Takashima clinic Marunouchi 72-0834
Nakamura Memorial Hospital Shimao 91-1307
New saddle pediatric clinic Minamiomachi 72-3830
Dr. Nishino's office kubo 91-7500
Hirose surgery Honcho 74-2600
Fukuda physician's office Marunouchi 72-5610
Fortune old hall clinic Hotta 91-7720
Hometown Hospital Kurakawa 74-7061
Matsui internal medicine clinic 2, Iseoomachi 72-0074
Yamagishi pediatric clinic Asahihonmachi 74-0258
Prefecture obstetrics and gynecology department disease (medicine) hospital (except hospital attached to University of Toyama, prefectural center Hospital)
Association of Hokuriku preventive medicine                                                               Takaoka synthesis medical examination center


 ※ Examination in association of Hokuriku preventive medicine Takaoka synthesis medical examination center

    Only as for uterine cancer (only in the neck), the breast cancer examination

  ●Examination day    

     Tuesday, Thursday (except holiday) from July through December

  ●Reception hours   

     ・From 1:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.

     ・From 2:30 p.m. to 3:15 p.m.

  ●Application method   

     We call Takaoka synthesis medical examination center (telephone 24-3131) directly.


     Person confirmation including consultation ticket, examination rate, health insurance card is possible


Application method

 As reservation is necessary depending on medical institution, please refer directly. In addition, please note that I may decline inhabitants medical examination because we have limit in the reservation number of people.


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