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Knot age, coupon age chart of inhabitants medical examination

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Knot age, coupon age chart [PDF file /160 .58 kilobytes]

Knot age of various examination, coupon age are as follows.        

  ○: Coupon which is targeted for knot: Coupon object

Knot age The date of birth Target examination name
Lung cancer examination Helical CT
    Lung cancer examination
Stomach cancer
Colon cancer examination It applies only to woman Periodontal disease
Uterine cancer examination Breast cancer examination Osteoporotic examination
20 years old From H10.4.1    H11. 3.31 life ○         Coupon Coupon
23 years old From H7.4.1    H8. 3.31 life
25 years old From H5.4.1    H6. 3.31 life ○         Coupon Coupon
28 years old From H2.4.1    H3. 3.31 life
30 years old From S63.4.1    Origin of H. 3.31 life ○         Coupon Coupon
33 years old From S60.4.1    S61. 3.31 life
35 years old From S58.4.1    S59. 3.31 life ○          Coupon Coupon
38 years old From S55.4.1     S56. 3.31 life
40 years old From S53.4.1     S54. 3.31 life
43 years old From S50.4.1     S51. 3.31 life
45 years old From S48.4.1     S49. 3.31 life
48 years old From S45.4.1     S46. 3.31 life
50 years old From S43.4.1     S44. 3.31 life
55 years old From S38.4.1     S39. 3.31 life
60 years old From S33.4.1     S34. 3.31 life
65 years old From S28.4.1     S29. 3.31 life
70 years old From S23.4.1     S24. 3.31 life



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