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Report, Issuing of Maternal and Child Health Handbook of the pregnancy

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 If you understand the pregnancy and get pregnancy report book with medical institution, please submit to healthy section. I hand mother and child health handbook.

 As for the mother and child health handbook, it is record of health of child with mother before birth of child and child entering elementary school from the pregnancy of mother.

 In the case of vaccination or medical checkup, we are necessary.


I hand mother and child health handbook, child care support father and son notebook.

We can issue mother and child health handbook for foreign language (English, Chinese, Kahn Gurunsi, Tagalog, Portuguese) in Himi-shi. If you like, please report.


Person (person doing resident registration in Himi-shi) who understood the pregnancy

Report method

Please submit pregnancy report book to health section window. Pregnancy report book is issued by obstetrics medical institution.

The subject person, please perform report. When health section cannot visit an office for reasons of the physical condition, the person can submit substitution. When it is visited an office substitution Proxy [PDF file /67 .22 kilobytes]

But, it is necessary.


Pregnancy report book, personal number card (my number), Proxy [PDF file /67 .22 kilobytes] (when it is visited an office, substitution is more necessary)


"Entry of personal number (my number) of pregnant woman is necessary at the time of pregnancy report. As you perform confirmation of personal number, person confirmation, please bring personal number card.

When you do not have personal number card, please bring resident's card of notice card or my number mention and driver's license and passport.

※When you do not have, please show identification card with photograph two points such as health insurance card, National Pension notebook. 


Grant day

It is 5:15 p.m. from 8:30 a.m. for Monday through Friday (excluded on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)

(grant takes time for approximately 30 minutes from 15 minutes. Thank you for your understanding)

 Grant place 

Himi-shi citizen part health section (the lively cheerful hall) telephone 0766-74-8062



To person having a problem with no family register



12-21, Chuomachi, Himi-shi

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