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2018 inhabitants medical examination

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Inhabitants medical examination begins in July.

Let's receive inhabitants medical examination to confirm own health once a year.

In addition, we confirm medical examination result after the medical examination consultation by all means, and let's consult medical institution by all means when overhaul and treatment are necessary.

News of 2018 inhabitants medical examination [PDF file /1 .28 megabytes]

How to receive inhabitants medical examination

(1) We select consultation venue as medical examination contents which we want to receive and make a reservation.

  (depending on medical examination contents, reservation may not be necessary.)

    Designated medical institutions

    Lively cheerful hall  → ●We can receive medical examination with children.

            (when it is necessary to be separated from child, the staff takes child.)

                               ●We carry out medical examination of spirit building lively on Friday, October 12.

(2) Have a medical examination.

●Clothes on the day will make one which can easily desorb.

 At the time of X-ray examination, please prepare plain T-shirt. (as for the T-shirt with button and pattern, there may be influence in photograph)


(3) We confirm medical examination result.

 Let's hear result with medical institution which we consulted. By medical examination with spirit building, we send result later lively.

 When there is abnormality, let's consult medical institution.


Medical examination contents

Specific medical checkups

●Medical checkup of one ⇒ elderly aged 75 or over 75 years or older

●It is participation ⇒ identification medical checkup in National Health Insurance from 40 years old to 74 years old

●Medical checkups less than one ⇒ 39 years old 39 years or younger

●Clinical survey of National Health Insurance


About subject, inspection contents, This Please see this.


Cancer screening

There is address in Himi-shi and, targeting at opportunity which there is not to receive examination in the workplaces, carries out the following cancer screening.

●Lung cancer examination

●Stomach cancer examination

●Colon cancer examination

●Prostate cancer examination

●Uterine cancer examination

●Breast cancer examination


About inspection contents, examination rate, cancer screening coupon, This Please see this.

About knot age, age targeted for coupon, This Please see this.



Hepatitis virus examination, osteoporotic examination, periodontal disease examination

About subject, inspection contents, examination rate, This Please see this.



Thing about cancer screening    Healthy charging talk 74-8414 fax 74-8257

Thing about consultation ticket of specific medical checkup, medical checkup of elderly aged 75 or over   

               Community Services Division telephone 74-8061 fax 74-8060


Chuoucho, Himi-shi 12-21

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