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Let's receive inhabitants medical examination once a year!

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Inhabitants medical examination begins in July!

Do you know that cancer and lifestyle-related disease are imminent diseases? It is never every another person.

Japanese approximately one of two people is cancer
When leave lifestyle-related disease; as for the danger of life

There are few subjective symptoms, and cancer and lifestyle-related disease progress in body calmly early.

We receive medical examination once a year and confirm own health, and let's connect with early detection, early treatment of illness!


Do you receive every year? Specific medical checkup is very advantageous!

Specific medical checkup checks characteristics to be inspected targeted at lifestyle-related disease commencing with metabolic syndrome mainly. Himi-shi National Health Insurance member is free such an inspection approximately from 8000 yen to 10000 yen with medical institution. Please have a medical examination!

※We visit a hospital for treatment to medical institution and apply to person under treatment.

 Detailed contents This Please see this.


Person-limited who received inhabitants medical examination! Entrance fee for free!

We perform inhabitants medical examination result briefing session

Professional staff tells about viewpoint of medical examination result clearly. In addition, we can confirm how to walk and bloodstream not to understand with the latest apparatus only by inhabitants medical examination.

Object, National Health Insurance member

   ・Person who received specific medical examination or clinical survey

※Please note that the number of people includes limit. For details, we guide as soon as we are selected.


Medical examination contents to perform by inhabitants medical examination

・Specific medical checkups

 Blood test, blood pressure measurement, urinalysis, physical measurement, medical examination

 It has a lot on specific medical checkups This Please see this

・Cancer screening

 Woman 20 years or older

  Uterine cancer examination, breast cancer examination

 Person 40 years or older

  Lung cancer examination, stomach cancer examination, colon cancer examination

 Man from 50 to 74 years old

  Prostate cancer examination

 It has a lot on cancer screening This Please see this

・Osteoporotic examination (woman from 40 to 74 years old)

  For more details This Please see this

・Periodontal disease examination (40, 50, 60, 70 years old)

  For more details This Please see this

・Hepatitis virus examination

  For more details This Please see this


 About cancer screening for free coupon, knot age This Please see this


Medical examination period, place

Medical examination period

It is Saturday, September 30 from Saturday, July 1, 2017

※Medical examination of spirit building is carried out lively on Thursday, October 19

 ・Stomach endoscopy

  It is Saturday, March 31, 2018 from Saturday, July 1, 2017

 ・Uterine cancer, breast cancer examination, periodontal disease examination

  It is Thursday, December 28 from Saturday, July 1, 2017

Medical examination place

Designated medical institution , Lively cheerful hall


I send inhabitants medical examination consultation ticket

We sent out cancer screening consultation ticket, consultation ticket of specific medical checkup of Himi-shi National Health Insurance member and medical checkup of elderly aged 75 or over in the end of June in 2017. You bring consultation ticket, and please receive medical examination in medical examination venue you like.

※We send consultation ticket to person who reported participation to elderly aged 75 or over medical care from June through August in person, 1942 when we take out National Health Insurance from June through August and reported for the end in the next month in in birth month or report month.



Citizen of thing City section 74-8061 about consultation ticket of medical checkup of authorized medical checkup, elderly aged 75 or over

Thing about cancer screening                    Health section 74-8062


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