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Use delicatessen well, and in a good balance!

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 Strong friend when delicatessens of side dish or frozen food are busy.

Kind becomes healthy menu depending on how to choose with richness, too.

We add vegetables which are apt to be short and wear art to choose well, and let's keep good meal of balance in mind.

Point of how to choose
Point 2 of how to choose

Every day +1 dish of vegetable!

 It is had a meal having good balance when we prepare staple food (rice, bread, vermicelli), main dish (fish, meat, egg, soybean product), vice-greens (vegetables, mushroom, seaweed). Point is vegetable in that. Vegetables intake that adult needs per day is 350 g. This is equivalent to quantity that increased another one dish (around 60 g) to mean vegetables intake of Japanese people. Another one dish! We are conscious, and let's have vegetables.


Another one dish

 In Himi-shi, tendency that showed infrequent intake of vegetables was seen as person who used delicatessens of side dish or frozen food well. We add vegetables, and let's eat in a good balance. (than the second Himi-shi health plan 21 citizen questionnaire result)


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