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List of city medical institutions

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 Medical institution (hospital, medical office) list of cities

 Abbreviation of specialities

 Inner: Internal medicine  The outside: Surgery  Small The pediatrics  Stomach: Stomach and intestines department  Ear: Otolaryngology
 jun: Circulatory organ department  Call: Respiratory course  *: Anal course  *: Digestive organ department  Brain: Neurosurgery
 shin*: Psychosomatic medicine  Spirit: Psychiatry  *: Orthopedics  Product: Obstetrics  fu: Gynecology
 *: The urology department  That: Allergy department  Liu: Rheumatic course  Rehearse: Rehabilitation department  Tooth: Dentistry
 ho: Radiology  Eyes: Ophthalmology      



Name Specialities The location Phone number
Dr. orthopedics Ito's office  *naino Liu  kubo 750-1  0766-91-0220
Texture slope physician's office  Inner  1-4-26, Iseoomachi  0766-72-6206
Kashima pediatric clinic  Small  484-1, Kanou  0766-72-1557
Dr. Kato's office  Inside and outside stomach  11-11, Kitaomachi  0766-72-0608
Kanazawa Medical University Himi Municipal Hospital   ThisWe open with the other window (homepage of this hospital)
 Please see this
 1130, Kurakawa  0766-74-1900
Kano ophthalmology Clinic  Eyes  1-11-28, Iseoomachi  0766-72-1406
Kawai physician's office  naiko*jun that Liu    12-8, Chuoucho  0766-74-5178
Saeki Lady's clinic  Woman in childbed  kubo 660  0766-91-8855
Dr. Sato's office  hi*  9-78, Saiwaicho  0766-74-3100
*buiin  *ijunkonai  1-13, Saiwaicho  0766-72-0118
Shimao physician's office  Inner  928, Ao  0766-72-0622
Shiraishi orthopedics Clinic  *gaiho Liu rehearsal  2011-2, Yanagida  0766-91-5355
Takagi physician's office  naiko*jun  594-1, Ono  0766-72-8686
Takashima clinic  The intragastric outside  Marunouchi 10-5  0766-72-0834
Fields ophthalmology clinic  Eyes  13-39, Kitaomachi  0766-72-2617
teranishi otolaryngology clinic  Ear  7-24, Honcho  0766-73-8080
Nakamura Memorial Hospital  naigaishoganhi**fu
 Brain ear tooth
 825, Shimao  0766-91-1307
New saddle pediatric clinic  Small  11-20, Minamiomachi  0766-72-3830
Dr. Nishino's office  Inner  kubo 1076-1  0766-91-7500
Hirose surgery  gai*  14-12, Honcho  0766-74-2600
Fukuda physician's office  naijun*  Marunouchi 5-17  0766-72-5610
Fortune old hall clinic  naiigai* Liu  Hotta 465-2  0766-91-7720
Hometown Hospital  naishin* spirit to rehearse  1878-1, Kurakawa  0766-74-7061
Original bridge dermatology Clinic  Skin  Marunouchi 12-23  0766-72-0570
Matsui internal medicine clinic  naifuko  2-7-49, Iseoomachi  0766-72-0074
Yamagishi pediatric clinic  Small  2-5, Asahihonmachi  0766-74-0258
Positive sum hot spring Hospital  Inner rehearsal  Hotta 4-1  0766-91-2751



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