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When we had trouble with sudden illnesses in holiday, the night

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Holiday, the night medical system


At-home Doctor on-duty on public holidays

You can look at at-home Doctor on-duty on public holidays from this.

Please choose "Doctor on-duty on public holidays" among calendar. 

※As specialist in turn may be changed, please confirm on homepages of the morning edition and Himi-shi Medical Association on the day.

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Takaoka-shi emergency medical center

Telephone service 25-7111 is available from 2:30.

Emergency after 23:00 would like in emergency turn hospital on the day.

The consultation hours

It is 23:00 from 19:00 on weekdays

It is 23:00 from 9:00 on Sundays and holidays


The pediatrics, internal medicine, surgery


 Other information

Child medical care telephone consultation business (♯ 8000)

Nurse or pediatrician gives an advice.

♯Please call 8000 or 076-444-1099.

Administration time

Weekday        19:00 ... 9:00, the following day

Holiday Saturday 13:00 ... 9:00, the following day

Holiday (Sundays and holidays) 9:00 ... 9:00, the following day


Toyama medical care information guide


Emergency homepage of child

JAPAN PEDIATRIC SOCIETY, object: It is 6 years old from one month after birth

It is line child care relievedly

Please feel free to contact about uneasiness or trouble of home training and child care. Counselor meets directly.

076-433-4150 (from month from 10:00 from 22:00, soil 17:00 22:00)


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