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Thing about family register

Thing about marriage, divorce

Registering your marriage. (when get married) [April 1, 2016]
We established souvenir picture section [April 1, 2016]
Divorce paper [March 21, 2016]

Thing about child

Birth registration (when gave birth) [April 1, 2016]

Thing about misfortune

Notification of a change in the household. [January 25, 2018]
Death notification (when families died) [April 1, 2016]

Thing about report of Others family register

To person having a problem with no family register [January 23, 2018]
Report [April 1, 2016] about family register of Others
Report of agent election (proxy) [April 1, 2016]
Social security, tax number system (my number system) [April 1, 2016]