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Notification of a change in the household.

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When constitution of family nurturer and household includes change, please submit Notification of a change in the household.

※In Notification of a change in the household., it is not changed the address ground. For more details Notification of Moving In Please give me nadoogo *.


When it is necessary to report Notification of a change in the household., it becomes following four.

  • Family nurturer change (when family nurturer changed)
    ※When person belonging to household by the death, transference of old family nurturer becomes alone, we do not need report.
  • Household merger (when two households in the same address became one household)
  • Household separation (when we made new household without some households moving in address)
  • Family composition change (when we moved between households in the same address)


One where change was located within to household or the family nurturer

Person, report method, report date, report window which we can report

Please report to Community Services Division within 14 days from day when you produced change.

Person whom we can tell


Free of charge

Necessary thing

When we tell Himi-shi, the following is necessary.

Only as for the member

  • Nation health insurance card

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