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We ask for "person confirmation" at Community Services Division window

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About person confirmation

When we report at time to request copies of proof and resident's card of family register from May 1, 2008, we are doing "person confirmation" with identification cards at window.


In late years surge of interest in protection of personal information is seen.

However, mention that is not true is done in family register by false report before we pretend to be the person, and the person concerned knows by unjust means, and case moved address to occurs nationwide.

In addition, we demand proof of family register and resident's card by these unjust means, and case that personal information leaks does not cut out trace.

Laws such as the Census Registration Act are revised to protect personal information and, from such situation, will do person confirmation about family register and proof and report about resident's card strictly.

Sorry for your inconvenience, but I would like cooperation to take person confirmation documents on procedure by all means.

For more details, visit in Community Services Division.

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