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Public personal identification service

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  Various application, reports including country and local government are possible through the Internet. At this chance user feels relieved, and data sent through the Internet by thing and user that spoofing application by another person is not performed are on the way, and function that administrations confirm what is not tampered with is necessary application through the Internet to report.
  Public personal identification service is public service to issue electronic certificate which user uses to provide function to prevent manipulation of spoofing application and data by another person for expense that is low for people living where of the whole country.

News of the issuance end of public personal identification (electronic certificate) with the basic resident registration card

  • With start of social security, tax number system (my number system), issuance of public personal identification (electronic certificate) with the basic resident registration card was finished on Tuesday, December 22, 2015.              
  • Public personal identification registered with the basic resident registration card by December 22, 2015 is available until expiration date (from day of issuance three years) of electronic certificate.              

     ※When address, full name, the date of birth, sex has change in expiration date, it becomes lapse at that point.

     ※After December 24, 2015, we cannot perform new update issuance of public personal identification with the basic resident registration card.

About public personal identification service (electronic certificate) by my number (personal number) card

  • Two kinds of electronic certificates of "electronic certificate for signature" and "electronic certificate for user proof" are stored beforehand unless we do not hope for issuance to my number (personal number) card that grant began in January, 2016.

 To use electronic proof

  • Please prepare for PC which you can connect to the Internet and chip card leader (reader of chip card) to use electronic certificate.
  • We install "user client software" in PC from public personal identification service portal site.
  • As you vary according to each administration, about use procedure of electronic application, please operate according to guidance such as each homepage.

 About available procedure

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