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Report of adoption

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It is report for parenthood of legitimacy of birth to found parenthood of legitimacy of birth between various places that there is not even if there is parenthood of blood relatives without parenthood or blood relative.

Requirements of adoption

The following requirements are necessary for adoption.

  1. Adopted parent reaching the adulthood
    ※Marrying person considers even under 20 years old to be the adulthood.
  2. Person becoming adopted child not being legitimate child, adopted child of adopted parent
  3. Person becoming adopted child not being ancestor, elder of adopted parent
    ※If born day is late in a day, we can become adopted child.
  4. Getting permission of family court when guardian assumes ward adopted child
  5. When you assume minor adopted child, do marriage with spouse
    ※When we assume legitimate child of spouse adopted child, it is possible alone.
  6. With consent of spouse when there is spouse to adopted child, adopted parent
  7. When one becoming adopted child is younger than 15 years old, legal representative consent to marriage
    ※When there is the which you should take care of elsewhere, it is necessary for parents of one becoming adopted child to obtain the consent.
  8. Getting permission of family court when person becoming adopted child is minor
    ※When we assume lineal descendant of self or spouse adopted child, it is unnecessary.
  9. There is agreement of intention of marriage between the people concerned

※When it is revealed that we do not meet the requirements mentioned above, we can appeal to family court for adoption cancellation.


One becoming adopted parent and which becomes adopted child

※When we assume minor adopted child, we will lose by couple combination.

Person, report window to report

Adopted parent and adopted child (one becoming adopted child as for time younger than 15 years pro-incarnation)

Please submit to either municipality government office family register charge of adopted parent, permanent address of adopted child or the location of report person. We accept in Community Services Division in Himi-shi.


Free of charge

Necessary thing

When we tell Himi-shi, the following is necessary.

  1. Report of adoption
    ※Mention of two adults is necessary for report of adoption as witness.
    ※When adopted child is younger than 15 years old, and there is person of custody other than parents who are pro-incarnation, mention of agreement of the is necessary, too.
  2. One copy of authorization certified copy of family court
    ※In the case of minor, adopted child is necessary.
    ※When we assume child of spouse adopted child, it is unnecessary when we assume lineal descendant (including grandchild) of self or spouse adopted child.
  3. One copy of copy of a person's family register (all matter certificate) of adopted parent and adopted child
    ※In the case of the city, permanent domicile is unnecessary.
  4. Seal of report person
    ※  When notice which one except report person has been listed in is brought, seal of report person is unnecessary.
  5. Person confirmation documents of report person (driver's license, passport)
    ※  When person except report person brings notice which has been listed, person confirmation documents of to bring are necessary.

※When there is spouse to the person concerned performing marriage, you have you attach written consent of spouse and submit, or please list the effect of agreement in "Others" of notice column. But written consent is unnecessary as it is report person (principal) together when we perform marriage in couples.

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