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We accept local rates electron report by eLTAX (L tax)

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In Himi-shi, we introduce electronic procedure system eLTAX (L tax) such as city taxes from December, 2010. In this way, we can perform a part of the reports such as city taxes and city tax-related submission of documents on the Internet from PCs such as home and office, licensed tax accountant office.

 What is eLTAX (L tax)?

  eLTAX (L tax) is system performing procedure of local rates through the Internet electronically. Local rates computerization meeting to organize in local public entity runs.

 Available procedure

 Corporation municipal tax
  • Middle report
  • Final income tax return
  • Amended bill returns
 Property tax
  (depreciable assets)
  • All asset reports
  • Increase assets / decrease assets report
  • Amended bill returns
 Individual inhabitant tax
  • Salary payment report
  • Salaried employee transfer report which affects salary payment report, special collection
  • Reshuffling application from the normal collection to special collection

 The use starting date

  From Monday, December 20, 2010

 Contact number about report of detailed contents and use

  It is necessary to have you set up eLTAX-adaptive software such as use report or PCdesk to local rates computerization meeting to have you use. Please refer to "to homepage of local rates computerization meeting, related link that eLTAX is used newly" for method of report of detailed contents and use.

 In addition, we would like inquiry about eLTAX to "local rates computerization meeting inquiry" of related link or the following phone number.

Local rates computerization meeting phone number

General telephone in the case of the use: 0570-081459 (haishinkoku)

IP telephone or PHS in the case of the use: 03-5500-7010

Acceptance day: From the moon Kim (except Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, the year-end and New Year holidays)

Reception hours: It is 17:00 from 9:00

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