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So that preparations for report of year-end tax adjustment, tax hasten

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 Time of year-end tax adjustment approached. Report receptionist of income tax and city, citizen of the prefecture tax begins in next February, too. As there is thing that issuance takes time in documents necessary for these, we will finish preparations early.

To person working for company

Let's confirm support relative

 Support relative targeted for subtraction is person with less than 380,000 yen of annual income amount of money 16 years old or older on (as of December 31, 2017) (※ 1). When the number of people changes by the end of the year, please correct "credit for dependents report of salaried employee" which is submitted to the office.

 ※1 case younger than 16 years becomes a target of taxation, the support number of people (young) to use for tax-free judgment of city, citizen of the prefecture tax.

Person who found a job again is ...

 Person who resigns from company, and found a job in different company again will do year-end tax adjustment for the cause with payroll of this year this year in the current office. You order withholding slip from company which you resigned from, and please submit to the current office.


Let's prepare for subtraction certificate

 When you receive the following premium subtraction, you must attach certificates. We order early and will prepare.

  • Amount of reduction for life insurance
  • Earthquake premium subtraction
  • Small-scale company mutual aid subtracts latch
  • Social insurance deduction (social security fees, National Pension premium) 

 Municipal health insurance tax, care premium, elderly aged 75 or over medical care premium do not have to attach certificate. Please confirm the amount of payment of this year.



When house borrowed money receives special subtraction; ...

 When house borrowed money receives special subtraction for the first time, you must do final income tax return. After the second year, we can receive subtraction by year-end tax adjustment.


◆Required document

  • "Special subtraction certificates such as house borrowed money" which the tax practice head issued
  • "Certificates such as the year-end balances of borrowed money affecting house acquisition fund" which financial institutions issued



   Takaoka taxation office Tel: 0766-21-2501


Toward the salary person in charge of business owner, office

We hold year-end tax adjustment briefing session

 The date and time: Afternoon of Tuesday, November 21 from 2:00 to 4:00

 Place: Himi fisheries center


※Take dossier to distribute beforehand from taxation office.

   Takaoka taxation office Tel: 0766-21-2501



To one paying National Pension premium

We send subtraction certificate

 When we report income tax and city, citizen of the prefecture tax, as for the National Pension premium, the total amount becomes a target of social insurance deduction. Premium that we paid by December 31 from January 1 of this year applies and includes share and premium that we paid extra in the past year. In addition, we can add it when we pay share of family.

 Japan Pension Service sends "social security fees (National Pension premium) subtraction certificate" necessary to receive social insurance deduction.

 Subtraction certificate reaches person whom we paid to person whom we paid by September 30 for the first time this year after October 1 in the beginning of November in the beginning of February, next year. You keep carefully, and, in the case of year-end tax adjustment and final income tax return, please submit.



   Takaoka pension office Tel: 0766-21-4180 (automatic sound guidance)

   nenkin member dial Tel: 0570-003-004 (from November 1 to March 15)


Deduction for physically disabled persons certified for Long-Term Care Need

 As you issue "allowance for disabled persons subject authorization book" when we get certification for long-term care for person who does not have disability certificate 65 years or older, and it is admitted that we follow person with a disability, please apply in Himi-shi government office welfare care section.



   Himi-shi government office welfare care section Tel: 0766-74-8067


Do not forget mention of my number!

About my number

 Mention of my number of the person and support relative targeted for subtraction is necessary for credit for dependents application and year-end tax adjustment and report of tax.

 In addition, on presentation, attachment of person confirmation documents or copying is necessary about share of the declaring person.


 Link to National Tax Agency homepage

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About promotion (complete conduct) of special collection

 From 2017, we appoint as person of special collection duty until now for company (salary giver) which does not enforce special collection system of city, citizen of the prefecture tax in all municipalities in Toyama.

 In this way, city, citizen of the prefecture tax of salaried employee becomes deduction from principle salary like withholding taxes of income tax.


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